I hope Gmail is smart enough to automatically skip the spam folder to receive any mail from someone I just wrote to.

I want to let my Apple calendar know that I have never scheduled a meeting at 3:30 am, and guess I mean afternoon. And I hope it not only knows the time I entered, but also prevents me from clicking additional buttons every time to change the default time.

I hope Final Cut Pro will allow me to watch the video I’m editing at a faster speed, which is what all modern video playback allows today. This will save hours and must be easy to implement.

I hope that Fedex will have phone service as before, and UPS will make it easy for me to let drivers know where the package is going, even (especially) because of such high driver turnover.

I hope Netflix provides a smarter sorting mechanism for discovery.

It would be great if Google no longer acts like an evil overlord in searching, discovering, and ruthlessly obliterating suppliers they consider to be competitors.

I still have 80, but what’s the point, really?No Confrontational Interoperability, The monopolist does not listen.

They don’t have to.


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