this University of Wisconsin SystemAccording to reports, the board of directors fired a professor on the Stout campus last month on the grounds that he did not wear a mask in class last year and violated campus and system policies. Madison NetThe professor and engineer Pavel Bizyukov had previously complained to the university that he had difficulty breathing while wearing a mask and asked Stout officials to explain the requirements for wearing a mask, but he did not try to obtain a medical exemption for not wearing a mask. Bijukov was formally fired for not wearing a mask on a certain day in September 2020, but he was reportedly warned not to wear a mask before. A faculty committee upheld the university’s termination lawsuit against Bizyukov after the hearing. Bijukov accused the university of breach of contract.

——Colleen Flahati

Spelman College is Atlanta’s long-established black women’s college. Its Academic Board sent an email to students on Thursday morning stating that the professor would not teach in person until he received clear and enforceable safety guidelines and agreements. Voice of Atlanta Report.

Spelman published an expanded guide on his website in response to faculty and staff concerns.

“The health and safety of the Spelman community is the college’s top priority because we resumed the residential college experience this year,” the college said in a statement. “Under the guidance of the medical profession and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we have implemented mandatory vaccination, as well as masking and regular testing, to minimize the risks to the campus community.

Classes start at Spelman on Wednesday.

——Elizabeth Layden

Americans have serious disagreements on whether colleges should mandate COVID vaccination. 48% of Americans agree with the mandatory vaccination requirements for college students, 38% disagree, and 13% say they “do not knowledge”. A new national survey, Argyll Legge confidence report.

Most survey respondents who live in cities and suburbs approve of university vaccine requirements. In rural areas, 47% of adults oppose university vaccination compulsory, while 38% of adults support them.

Although 64% of adults are confident of the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, 29% said that if the vaccine is needed, they will let their children drop out of college.

“Although most Americans are in favor of mandatory vaccination on campus, the actual situation is not how many people support vaccine requirements; this is how strong they hold these views,” said Daniel Tisch, president and CEO of Argyle Public Relations. “This can be largely traced to Americans’ confidence or lack of confidence in the information they receive on the subject.”

The Argyle-Leger Confidence Report is the first in a series of programs designed to investigate Americans’ attitudes and behavior on issues related to their confidence in information, institutions, leaders, and authoritative sources.

other Recent national polls On this topic, Quinnipiac University found that the country’s differences on this issue are almost evenly divided. 48% of Quinnipiac respondents support the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for college students and 49% oppose it.

——Elizabeth Layden

this University of Virginia 242 students dropped out of school because they were not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, CBS 19 News Report. Among the 242 students, 49 chose the course of the school year. UVA announced in May that all students need to be vaccinated.

——Elizabeth Layden

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