According to a local mayor, at least 16 people were killed by unidentified gunmen in Tim in the Tilaberg region of the country.

A local official and a security source said that a village in southwestern Niger was attacked and at least 16 people were killed. This year the attackers massacred civilians many times.

On Saturday, Mayor Hallido Zibo told Reuters that unidentified gunmen opened fire during Friday prayers in Theim village of Tillabéri, killing 16 people.

A security source confirmed the attack and set the death toll at 17.

The attack happened on Monday and was killed 37 civilians, Including 14 children, in a village in the same area.

Tim is about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from three other villages, where fighters associated with the Islamic State (ISIS) armed group launched a series of attacks in these villages in May, forcing more than 11,000 residents to flee.

Human Rights Watch, a New York-based human rights organization, said in a report this month that armed groups in Tillabéri and Tawa, bordering Mali, had killed more than 420 civilians and expelled tens of thousands of people in 2022. home.

On Friday, members of the region’s parliament called for enhanced security measures in the region, stating that despite the strict government control, militants who launched attacks in the vast Tillabéri area were still able to move freely.

They said that in response to the increasing number of attacks, Niger declared a state of emergency, banned motorbikes, regulated fuel sales and closed markets suspected of supplying armed groups.

These attacks are part of a wider conflict that spans Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger in the border areas of the Sahel in Africa, and fighters associated with Al-Qaida and ISIL are seeking control.

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