In the first few hours of the coup, players and support staff left Conakry after hiding in their hotel.

Relieved Moroccan football players and supporters sang a passionate national anthem when they hid in a hotel after leaving Guinea in the first few hours of the military uprising.

The Moroccan national team participated in the World Cup qualifiers in Conakry on Monday, but when they woke up on the eve of the game they heard gunshots near the hotel as soldiers tried to overthrow Guinean President Alfa Conte.

Moroccan diplomats were able to negotiate a departure for their team amidst uncertainty, and the team flew out of the country late on Sunday, just a few hours after the game was cancelled.

When the plane took off for Morocco, players posted photos and videos of passengers bursting out in the cheerful national anthem on social media.

When the flight landed in the capital Rabat earlier on Monday, Paris Saint-Germain defender Ashraf Hakimi wrote on Twitter: “Thank you for your information and support. It is a very stressful day, but thank God , We are safe in Morocco.”

The team took two buses from the hotel to Conakry Airport and to Conakry Airport. Local residents cheered for taking to the streets to support the coup attempt.

Moroccan coach Wahid Khalikhodzic earlier described the pain his team suffered when they were trapped in a hotel not far from the presidential palace.

“We have heard gunshots nearby all day long. We are waiting for permission to go to the airport and we are currently stuck. A plane is waiting for us, but we cannot leave. The players are worried,” he told earlier on Sunday “Team Daily”.

‘Continuous contact with Nabi’

There is no news about the fate of a large number of European players in Guinea, including Liverpool captain Nabi Keita.

On Monday, the Premier League said it had contacted the authorities to bring the midfielder back safely.

Liverpool said in a statement: “We have been in contact with Nabi and communicate regularly through his national team management.”

“We are satisfied with his safety and well taken care of. Obviously the situation is unstable. We will maintain regular dialogue with the relevant authorities and strive to get Naby back to Liverpool in time and safely.”

At the same time, Toulouse defender Isiaga Sila stated that the players are trying to figure out how they will return.

“Going back to Europe will be a bit complicated. We are very worried about this,” he told the “Team Daily”.

“Everything is closed and the airport is closed. We went to see the coach and wanted to know how we got back to our club. But we still don’t know. We are only 10 minutes away from the airport, but we can’t move.”


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