Toneam Outoftown Blog Center ( – Ever wonder how Marianne juggles multiple roles in life and still finds time to be a doting mom and wife? Shopee brand ambassadors kicked off the conversation about motherhood just in time for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Deals with Shopee Mom Marian Rivera

Marianne prioritizes being a mom above all else

As an A-list actress, a thriving entrepreneur, and a hands-on wife and mother, Marianne wears multiple hats. Still, she makes sure she’s never too busy with the family. She still spends most of her time at home, connecting with the children and taking care of family needs. “You should know when your children, your spouse need you, [You should know when your family needs you] Because at the end of the day, family should always come first. At the end of the day, being a mother is the most important role in Marianne’s life, and her children are her number one fans. Raising her children to be kind, responsible and compassionate people is the biggest goal she strives to achieve.

Marianne Meets Mother’s Challenge

Marianne admits the difficulties of being a mom have been magnified by the pandemic. It’s been tough for her kids, both at an age of exploration and trying to understand what’s going on outside their home. “We had to talk to them and explain that there are a lot of changes and restrictions due to this pandemic, but still reassure them that things will get better,” the Shopee superstar shared. , Marianne and Ding Dong are happy to finally let their children go out more, meet relatives, and travel together as a family.

Marian encourages moms to take advantage of Shopee’s convenience and variety

Shopee has been Marian’s go-to for family and home needs Budol’s These few years. She admits to being an impulsive but happy shopper, adding to her cart and checking out various items that can decorate different parts of her home. “Sometimes you really don’t have time to go out shopping for yourself or your family, even if you want to [sometimes we don’t have time to go out and shop for ourselves or for the family even if we want to].Shopee is very reliable and convenient because with just a few clicks, you can buy anything you need and want in one place,” says Marian.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Marianne’s Top Gifts for Mom

Shopee mom Marian reminds all moms to take care of themselves because they absolutely deserve it. Marianne recommends a variety of finds that moms of all types can get themselves from this Mother’s Day blowout or hint at as a family gift, and it offers up to 10% off coupons that shoppers can use to buy fun and Practical gifts for May 8 celebrations:

Be a Gorgeous, Charming Mom With These Fashion Accessories

Dress up mom for Mother's Day with these stylish accessories
Dress up mom for Mother’s Day with these stylish accessories

Worn on the wrist, this silver bracelet is perfect for any occasion. Made of genuine Italian silver, this accessory is sure to make you feel confident and stunning. To match this, why not ask your family to send you a new pair of elegant and affordable gold stud earrings? Complete your look with stylish and functional vintage glasses. These steel glasses with radiation shielding lenses will draw attention and have other moms asking where you got them.

Upgrade these kitchens and pantry to become the ultimate housewife

Kitchen and pantry upgrades to become the ultimate housewife
Kitchen and pantry upgrades to become the ultimate housewife

If, like Marianne, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, consider scoring points for stealing these kitchen gadgets. For less than P500, you can get 12 different dishes to distribute your best recipes more easily. Prepare ingredients faster and more efficiently with the Mandolin Slicer, allowing you to slice vegetables and fruits like a pro with a durable stainless steel blade. For a foodie family, you’ll love having your own induction cooktop at home! Channel your inner chef and cook your favorite dishes for your family with this versatile appliance.

Marianne left a simple message for all her moms – “Happy Mother’s Day to all great mothers like me. We deserve to be rested, nurtured and felt special.” [To all the great moms like me, Happy Mother’s Day. We deserve to rest and pamper ourselves to make us feel special.]

For more information on Shopee’s Mother’s Day blowout, visit

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