It is interesting to imagine Liam Neeson’s management team is considering his next movie.Maybe “Uber Means“? Maybe”Rifle up”?

There is a symbiotic relationship between Neeson and vehicles-not only cars, but also airplanes (“Non-Stop”), suburban commuter trains (“The Commuter”), and even snowplows (“Cold Pursuit”).

And now in the “Ice Road”, this endurance action hero has driven an incredible 70 truck — Not your ordinary truck, but a 65,000-pound drilling rig. Of course, not on ordinary roads. On the ice road, it means a frozen lake or ocean. Spring thawing brings dangerous conditions. A wrong move will bring you directly into the frozen abyss.

Fortunately, even in the most perfunctory plot, Nissen has a way to lend him his rugged dignity—because it must be said that the plot is perfunctory. You only need to understand three elements: the good guys, the bad guys—there is no subtlety here—and the fact that the ice is slippery, cold, and melts easily in the sun. Got it?

In the latest Nissens car classic written and directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, Nissens is Mike McCann, a long-distance truck driver and his brother Gurty (Gurty). )’S caregiver, Getty is a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder. Mike couldn’t keep a job for a long time-he had 11 jobs in eight years, and we watched him get fired at a recent job because he dressed up as a man who made fun of his brother because of the war. People with aphasia. But his luck may be about to change.

A methane accident caused an explosion in a diamond mine in the remote Manitoba province of Canada, killing 8 miners and arresting 26 people. There is a 30-hour oxygen window, but rescuers first need a wellhead. The only way to transport the wellhead to the mine is by truck.

But this is April, and the ice road leading to the mine is melting. No truck driver will try such a suicide mission.

Well, there are almost no truck drivers.

Mike responded to the alert from the impossible rescue organizer Jim Gordonrod, providing his driving skills (yes, Nissen still has a special set of skills) and his brother Getty (Marcus Thomas) as one Famous ace mechanic. The pair was hired soon, and Goldrenrod himself (Laurence Fishburne, sadly underused here) and Tantoo (Amber Midthunder) joined the task. Tantoo is an energetic young driver, for him , This job is more personal than economic-her brother is trapped in the mine.

There is also one passenger in the three-rig convoy: one Insurance The person from the company that runs the mine obviously needs his actuarial skills (Benjamin Walker, if you forgive the pun, his performance talent is not really unearthed here).

In a movie with beautiful scenery but few character development and backstory, we knew from the beginning who the good guys are—especially Mike and Getty. We also quickly know who the bad guys are; they are as cartoonish as possible. As for ice, well, there is a lot, and it’s getting thinner-if people want to pick low-hanging fruit from a potential pun tree, you can say this plot.

In the country-filled soundtrack, the lyrics of Johnny Cash’s song provide more low-key fruits: “All I do is drive, drive, drive,” it’s like this (by Jason Isbel sings here). “Try to live.” When you see Mike from Neeson doing this, you may recall these lyrics—driving, driving, driving—and you may also focus on the “alive” part.

That’s because as the years go by, Nissen’s durability as an action hero seems to be more compelling. Yes, he is older, more fragile, paler here, and doesn’t even have any interest in dating—unless you count Mike’s credible love for his brother, which is the only relationship developed in the script. But, just like Mike, he finished the job, and he is the reason for this.

“The Road to Ice and Snow” released by Netflix has been rated as PG-13 by the American Film Institute, “because it has a strong language and a sequence of actions and violence.” Running time: 103 minutes. Two out of four stars.


MPAA’s definition of PG-13: parents strongly warn. Certain materials may not be suitable for children under 13 years of age.

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