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In the past year and a half, apart from being upsetting, the state of the movie has hardly anything to do. obviously, we have already complete our Fair sharing. Really, what else? When Covid-19 crashed on the earth, the theater was closed, which is almost the least important issue in the world. Since then, movie lovers have spent a lot of time on video-on-demand, while Hollywood has focused on figuring out what to do. Should they keep all versions until the theater is completely reopened? Throw everything on streaming? Mixed stuff? At this point, the industry has tried almost all methods-but the results vary.

At the core of all this—at least for now, it will traditionally be the season of summer blockbusters—are the two main players who use two very different approaches: Warner Bros. and Disney.former Announced in December Last year, it will release all the movies of 2022 on its streaming service HBO Max, on the same day that these movies are released. At the same time, Disney began to explore a model this year, which not only shows movies in theaters, but also offers them on Disney+ at a popular price of $30. The success or failure of any of these strategies is difficult to determine—both have increased their streaming subscribers; and none of the films gained US$100 million in the domestic box office during the premiere weekend. Like everyone, their status quo is still passable.

That’s why about new things Eternal race The trailer feels like hope.Don’t pay too much attention to it, but besides it looks pretty, the final trailer also has the breath of event movies, the title and Avengers: Endgame Or the first Wonder Woman. Has the most cast of Marvel movies to date (Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, AtlantaBrian Terry Henry, Crazy rich asian‘Gemma Chen, game of Thrones‘Richard Madden and Kit Harrington), this film is directed by Oscar winner Chloé Zhao and will be released in the non-popcorn season on November 5. Marvel’s mission is spreading, and you can’t help but wonder if it will save movies — or at least save movies in 2022.

By the time it landed, some runways had already been arranged in front of it. Earlier this summer, Marvel’s Black widow It performed quite well when it was released in theaters and Disney+ on the same day. Free man Although it was only shown in theaters, and as the Delta variants of Covid-19 began to proliferate, it still managed to beat the box office forecast. Next: Shangqi and the legend of the ten rings, This will be the first time in two years that Marvel will be released in exclusive theaters on September 3rd. Eternal race It will only be shown in theaters; movie theaters and comics fans can only hope that theaters can provide it on many screens so that everyone can watch it socially at a distance.

Eternal race, Of course not alone.With the strategies of Disney and Warner Bros. nearly conflicting, the movie was released only two weeks later. dune-Another fall release Please go to the cinema. dune Director Dennis Villeneuve has always believed that fans will experience his adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic on the big screen, and even wrote a letter type The studio that condemned him decided to release the film on HBO Max. “Warner Bros.” Decided means dune There will be no chance to survive financially,” he wrote. The question of money won’t be answered until October, but when it comes to whether Villeneuve’s films should be seen in cinemas, Eternal race Director Zhao, who has seen the early screenings of the movie, has an idea. “This gives me hope that a filmmaker like Dennis can really use his vision to put together something so incredible and so cinematic,” She told Sight and hearing Magazine“My experience in that room shocked me. But I am afraid of how many people will or will not have this experience in the theater like me, and what it means for the future.”

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