A suspect in New York City remained at large after an attack on a Brooklyn subway train on Tuesday morning that left multiple people shot and wounded 13.

The attack occurred around 8:30 a.m., during the morning commute, near the 25th and 36th Street stations in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood. The suspect is believed to have detonated a smoke grenade or other incendiary device in addition to firing at the passenger.

Mobile phone video showed panicked passengers rushing out of the station as smoke and smoke rose from the train carriages. Photos showed the victim lying on the bloody platform. Several witnesses reported hearing a loud bang before the shots were fired.

Several witnesses said the suspect was wearing a high-profile vest and an air filter or gas mask.

The NYPD reported in a tweet that there were no longer any live explosive devices at the scene.

The White House said President Joe Biden had been briefed on the situation, adding: “Senior White House staff are in contact with the mayor. [Eric] adams and the chief of police [Keechant] Sewell will provide any assistance as needed. ”

Meanwhile, several local schools were blocked. The attack comes at a time when many New Yorkers are on edge over increased shootings and violent crime.

Additional reporting by Lauren Fedor