The 2022 Nathan Hot Dog Contest has been one of the most predictable events on the sports calendar of the past 14 years.

Every year, challengers line up to target Joey Chestnut. He has won 13 times to go home. He only went home once as a loser.

Yes, this game is far from the big competition between Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi in the mid-2000s. Nonetheless, the annual event is exciting, especially for bettors who know that relying on Chestnut to earn extra cash is almost foolproof.

In other words, this year’s women’s competition is more open than ever. Miki Sudo, who won the women’s hot dog eating competition seven times in a row, did not participate in the 2022 competition. Therefore, the new winner will move forward.

Is it the most popular Michelle Lesko, or will other competitors reject her chance to win the first Nathan title? This will be the biggest question for bettors to answer.

What other bets can you make for the Nathan Eating Hot Dog Contest in 2022? The following are the traditional best bets and prop bets on July 4th, and the sports news selections for the event are shown in bold.

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Odds for Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest 2022

All odds are provided by DraftKings Sportsbook.

Will Joey Chestnut win the 2022 Nathan Hot Dog Eating Contest?

In the tournaments that Joey Chestnut has owned for the past 14 years, you can’t fight him at all. Since 2007, Chestnut has won 13 hot dog eating contests in 14 attempts. His only loss occurred in 2015, when Matt Stoney ate 62 hot dogs and Chestnut only ate 60 hot dogs.

That is an abnormality. Since then, Chestnut has broken his own world record three times, including last year he ate 75 hot dogs. Second place Darren Britten only ate 42.

Chestnut may face more competition in 2022 with fewer COVID restrictions, but he is still the one to beat. Choosing to win against him is foolish, but considering the short odds Chestnut faced before the game, this bet is not that attractive. In short, if you don’t take greater risks, it will be difficult to make a substantial profit at this point.

Who will win the 2022 Nathan Women’s Hot Dog Eating Contest?

  • Michelle Lesco (-1000)
  • Any other participants (+500)

Since Miki Sudo did not participate in the 2022 hot dog eating competition, the women’s team is more open than ever. In 2019, Michelle Lesco ranked second with 26.5 hot dogs and Sudo with 31. Can she repeat her success in 2022?Considering that she skipped last year’s game, it’s hard to measure, but she is ranked 9th in the world as a competitive eater Major League Eats, And the highest-ranking women other than Sudou.

Maybe Sarah Rodriguez or Larell Marie Mele can challenge Lesco, but Rodriguez did not participate in the competition last year, and Mele did not even reach half of the total number of Sudo 48.5 hot dogs. Despite the small odds, Lesco can be trusted.

How many hot dogs does Joey Chestnut eat?

  • Over 73.5 (-230)
  • Less than 73.5 (+165)

The book is very confident that Chestnut will have at least one hot dog in his world record of 75, but this number does have some risks.

In the past five games, Chestnut’s hot dog score has exceeded 73.5 in only two games. This makes the 73.5 number a bit toss.

year Eat hot dog
2016 70*
2017 72*
2018 74*
2019 year 71
2020 year 75*

* Represents record performance

However, the excessive tilt seems to be correct.

Chestnut will have the motivation to set another world record. After all, due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the game was played indoors without spectators, so his rebound 75 did not appear in front of the spectators. He will seek to perform for those who show up.

Another positive factor for Chestnut’s chances is the weather. Yes, believe it or not, this will have an impact on diners. If it is hot outside, diners often cannot eat that much. For example, in 2010, Chestnut only ate 54 hot dogs, which was the lowest victory in his career. The temperature that day was 97 degrees.

It was also 90 degrees in 2019, when he failed to set a world record for the first time since his defeat in 2015. In 2020, the competition will be indoors, and he will rebound accordingly.

So, what is the forecast for Brooklyn on July 4th this year? The highest estimate is 76 degrees. This is a good weather for eating, so between his motivation to set a record in front of the crowd and the seemingly stable weather, sticking to it seems a better choice.

If you are worried that Chestnut does not have much competition with other diners, don’t worry. He will still compete with himself.

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