Joe Gilardy: With a man?

Philadelphia 34-36 manager Gilardy asked the referee to check Max Scherzer for the third time during the 3-2 defeat in Philadelphia on Tuesday, because MLB’s new rules prohibit pitchers from using foreign substances to improve grip.

The rules force referees and managers to check pitchers in difficult circumstances, but Nats general manager Mike Rizzo did not believe Girardi’s explanation that he was worried that starter Max Scherzer had something in his hair on Tuesday night, leading to Girardi’s request. .

In his weekly radio show, in DC’s 106.7 The FAN, Rizzo did not dismiss Girardi because of the situation last night:

Gilardy is embarrassed, Phillies are embarrassed, and baseball is embarrassing. Yes, he is playing games. Hey, this is his right. Game spirit. It has nothing to do with the substance, and there is no possible reason to ask for it. umps should not allow it. But it happened, you have to deal with it. This is what we have to deal with.

You think you will intimidate Max Scherzer and things like that, but it will not happen. You will only annoy him and make him concentrate more. It’s about breaking Max’s rhythm, frustrating him and all that, but it’s useless. Our bullpen pitched well, we got some timely hits, and we beat the Phillies. …

That is his goal. He is a liar. He got you (host of the show) into trouble. That’s it—this is how it is. He has been doing this on TV for many years.

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Rizzo later said that he “loves” Gilardi and has known him for a long time, so maybe he “knows” him too much.

Girardi learned of Rizzo’s inflammatory comments and responded on Wednesday afternoon:

“I have no problem,” Gilady said. “Obviously, he will protect his club. He has the right to express his opinion, but so do I. This is the bottom line. That is America, right?”

Girardi was deported for walking out of the air-raid shelter and confronting some Nationals coaches who were yelling at Diamonds. Washington and Scherzer won 3-2 in the NL East game.

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