The game between the Nationals and Padres in Washington on Saturday night was suspended after a shooting outside the stadium.

The game was suspended midway through the sixth game. It will resume at 1:05 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, followed by regularly scheduled games.

Reporters covering the game said on Twitter that they heard gunshots before the suspension. The fans quickly moved from their seats to the stadium exit. Other fans screened in the stands.

The live microphone of the MASN TV broadcast picked up audio that sounded like a lens.

The stadium public radio announcer told the sold-out crowd that there was something outside and stay in the park. The Nationals later announced that the shooting occurred outside the third base gate of the stadium.

DC’s Metropolitan Police Tweet The official responded There were reports of a shooting in the SW 1500 block of South Capitol Street outside the stadium. Police said two people were shot dead, and two other people “connected” to the shooting went into the district hospital with gunshot wounds.

Video montage from the early days of Chaos:

Padres players, including Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado, took the fans out of the stands and into the air-raid shelter and clubhouse for safety.

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