Nedbank is truly a one stop solution for all your financial needs. It not just provides you with a variety of investment instruments but also offers wise trading advice and execution services. They have strategic partnerships all around the world and are proud of their reputation as one of South Africa’s most revolutionized banks . Click here for more information on investment options provided by Nedbank.


One of Africa’s largest banks, Nedbank was founded way back in 1831. The Nedbank Group is a company registered in the Republic of South Africa under the number 1966/010630/06. Through their various initiatives like Nedbank Corporate, frontline clusters, Investment Banking, Nedbank Wealth and many others, they provide a wide range of wholesale and retail banking services on offer and also grow the popularity of insurance, asset management, and wealth management services. 

What Does Nedbank Aim to Achieve? 

Nedbank workers, clients, shareholders, regulators, and society want to be the most recognised financial services provider in Africa. Their vision statement implies that they’ll continue to grow their franchise in South Africa while also expanding into other African countries. 

They strive to be the most admired organization among their stakeholders. They won’t be able to recruit and maintain the clients they need to deliver sustainable earnings to the shareholders if they don’t have passionate and motivated employees. They operate in a regulated environment as a bank, and they strive to be respected by their regulators. Finally, as a bank, They have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to their communities, particularly as the green bank.

Why Trust Nedbank?

The Nedbank Group conducts business ethically and in accordance with fundamental non-negotiables. Sound governance principles, openness, and accountability are among them. Nedbank is dedicated to the highest levels of corporate governance, ethics, and transparency.

In order to realize the 17 King IVTM principles’ linked results, they stay dedicated to using and adhering to them. The Nedbank Group has examined its present processes to ensure that they are in line with the King IVTM recommended practices for each principle.

To minimize the danger to the group and to comply with relevant regulatory requirements and guidelines of best practice, numerous systems govern ethics. They have a  set of different policies in place to ensure that they live up to their claims and promises. Some of the most notable policies are occupational health and statement policy, approach to trade union engagement, access to information, code of ethics and many others. This ensures that they stay aligned with their vision and purpose and maintains a good name for themselves. 

What is Nedbank Share?

Nedbank share trading takes place on the bank’s website, which also serves as a resource for clients. Nedbank is committed to providing cutting-edge internet software to its clients, and it now provides an efficient and entirely secure interactive online trading platform for you to trade on your own.

Nedbank Share Trading can provide you with information and guidance on most JSE companies, as well as economic and global analyses. Nedbank Share Trading, in conjunction with Profile Media, provides international market data, currency rates, and commodities prices. The Nedbank Website allows you to trade in real time via electronic methods, allowing you to check the progress of your orders in the order book online without requiring the intervention of any of Nedbank’s financial advisors.

How is Nedbank Working To Create a More Sustainable Environment? 

Nedbank understands that it functions in a nested, interconnected system with its stakeholders. This means that for a company to prosper, a well-functioning society, a strong economy, and a healthy environment are all required. They also recognise that sustainability concerns such as inequality, climate change, social justice, and, most recently, pandemics are gradually transforming this system. Their mission directs their strategy, actions, and behaviors toward delivering long-term system value to themselves and their stakeholders. They use the Nedbank Sustainable Development Framework to focus their activities and identify strategic focus areas with commercial opportunities, risks, and cost savings.

While the exact value of these savings and possibilities varies by geography, they are enormous on a worldwide scale, with the Business and Sustainable Development Commission estimating that they will be worth more than US$12 trillion annually by 2030. They have prioritized nine of the 17 SDGs where they believe they can have the most substantial impact through innovation in the banking products, lending, and investing processes. These nine objectives are championed by nine group executives who are responsible for ensuring that the percentage of their lending and investment in sustainable-development finance grows in line with their clients’ needs, the size of strategic opportunities available, and their desire to gain a competitive advantage in this area.

Nedbank’s Phenomenal Social And Environmental Risk Management Policies

They have enhanced their Social and Environmental Risk Framework, Policy, and Management System to expand on the social and environmental imperatives within their operations and those of the clients they finance as the importance of identifying, managing, and reporting on social and environmental risk continues to grow. Nedbank’s management of climate-related risks in its lending, underwriting, and investing practices is arguably the most significant area of impact on climate change (for example, these practices influence the speed, nature, and effectiveness of other organizations’ transition to a net-zero carbon economy). 

As a result, Nedbank sees this as a priority. Climate-related risks can be factored into the financing process at Nedbank. Credit risk is influenced by these kinds of transactions. Risk management is used to successfully manage risks in the various GHG-intensive industries of emphasis, leveraging existing risk management methods built in the organizations’ processes, policies, and frameworks.


Nedbank provides numerous financial services which makes it one of the most prominent banks in Africa. You may get well-researched trading ideas and complete exposure to currencies, stocks and commodities for a fraction of the cost. It is one of the oldest banks to exist in Africa and has maintained its reputation throughout the years. It is an answer to all your financial queries.