Many people in Vegas refer to the entire area as Nelson Landing, but Nelson Landing is actually a cliff jumping area not far from the ghost town of Nelson.

On the other hand, the ghost town of Nelson is a mixture of garbage dumps, outdoor art displays, and tributes to burning people. It is easy to understand why it is popular among photographers and videographers because it looks like a movie scene, except that it is real (minus the airplane). During our two visits, we saw a few photos.

Nelson is only 5 miles from the Colorado River and was called El Dorado by the Spanish who discovered it. It is home to the Techatticup Mine (or El Dorado Canyon Mine). It used to be one of the biggest prosperity in Nevada, which also led to bloody labor disputes and ownership divisions.

But because it is located in the El Dorado Canyon, it is vulnerable to flash floods, making it uninhabitable. The remaining weathered buildings, machinery and Texaco station are the remainder of the emerging city.

There are also some very popular crashed planes at the scene, but those are not historical but movie props 3000 miles to Graceland.


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