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Easy Reader (Beginner Readers 5-7 years old)

your friend parker
Art by Parker Curry, Jessica Curry, Brittany Jackson and Taj Keith
Parker goes on vacation and writes a big letter (the book) about her trip to her best friend. This simple story introduces letter writing and how to summarize important events.

that egg is mine
by Liz Goulet Dubois
The duck chases and claims to look like Clark’s spotted egg, thinking the egg is hers. But they were all surprised when a creature that didn’t belong to either of them showed up! Note the shading on the last page – you’ll figure out what the egg is. Kids will love this fun and easy-to-read graphic novel with a surprising and hilarious ending.

I really want a bigger piece
Harriet Zeifert, illustrated by Travis Foster
Really, Bird and his friends cats and puppies are having a picnic, but need to cut their fair share of the pie. The puppy thinks he should cut the pie to the size of the animal, which means the real bird gets the smallest pie. Really, Bird didn’t like the idea. The friends eventually decided to cut the pie into equal pieces.

Emily’s Great Discovery
Drawing by Liz Kessler, drawing by Joanie Stone
Emily accidentally learns she’s a mermaid during swimming lessons at school. As she tests her tail in the sea, she meets a new friend who helps her figure out how to be a mermaid. A fun, imaginative story for kids who love mermaids.

Glittering gold!100 Fun Facts About Rocks and Gems
National Geographic Level 3
This Level 3 reader shares interesting, easy-to-read information about rocks and gems This will attract readers along with full-color photos and attractive graphic designs. These level 3 readers are difficult to read, so you can save them for when your child is able to read the opening chapter books.

Mythical Beasts: 100 Interesting Facts About Real Animals and the Myths They Inspire
Stephanie Warren Drymer
Learn about unique real-life creatures such as giant squid that have been mistaken for mythical creatures, such as the Kraken. Some creatures have bizarre abilities, such as the salamander that can regenerate a tail, brain, and an organ that can be compared to the mythical hydra, whose head was chopped off and two more grown. Fascinating facts and photos coupled with imaginative stories and illustrations will captivate readers.

early chapter book

Frank and Bean food truck fiasco
Jamie Michalak, illustrated by Bob Kolar
This is a sweet story about good friends Frank and Bean competing in a food truck race. Bean’s truck is donuts, Frank’s is oatmeal. Their biggest competition is Mad Dog’s cupcakes. They become each other’s customers and invent a new food to sell – the friendship bowl. Honey!

See what we can do! by candy james
Two best friends visit the library wishing they had a carriage to carry all their books. Then, they noticed that the prize for the talent show was a carriage. Now they need to come up with a perfect behavior. They started with dancing but worried that it wasn’t good enough. So they keep adding to their routine, and they add so much that it’s a disaster.

flower garden
by Renee Curella
I love this gorgeous and magical graphic novel about the small adventures of friends Anna and Tessa with a dwarf friend who leads them around a garden world full of critters and dwarf cities. During the exploration, one friend learned how to speak for himself, and one friend learned how to listen better. This book is full of colorful, vibrant art.

frank and the bad surprise
By Martha Brockenbrough, illustrated by Jon Lau
Humans forget all about Frank the cat when they add a new puppy to the family. Frank needs to run away and (write a lot of angry letters) to appreciate his home and new puppy. In fact, back home, Frank gave the pup a name – one he wrote in a letter to his humans.

David Dixon’s Day as a Dachshund
Katherine Holmes
David is a boy full of ideas that often cause confusion, such as bringing his new puppy to school to show and tell. When the puppy runs away, David also becomes a dog. The two dogs happily ran in and out of the school until David’s best friend caught the puppy bandit and brought them back to the school. The guinea pig bagels in the class helped David learn how to think ideas before acting – that’s when he turned back into a boy. joy!

Marco Polo intrepid explorer
Cynthia Lord, illustrated by Stephanie Greggin
Intrepid explorer Marco Polo is a former Christmas ornament turned library book buddy. A boy named Seth chooses Marco because of his small size so that he can be his secret partner for a sleepover birthday he fears. During a sleepover, Marco is stolen by the family cat – he must find a way to save himself in a clever way! Marco learns that friends make adventures better. Relevant and interesting.

Harriet Tubman (she insists)
by Andrea Davis Pinckney
This biography for the growing reader is well written with the most important facts of Minty’s life – from childhood to adulthood – A powerful narrative arc and setting for Harriet Tubman’s accomplishments as a fierce advocate for slaves and a valiant savior. superior.

New Book for Growing Readers, April 2022

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