Read about pandas, groundhogs, natural disasters, recycled crafts and more!

New Children’s Nonfiction (and Activity Books) (March 2022)

The story of Beibei’s homecoming panda
by Cheryl Bardo
Endangered Animals
This is a good book for children to learn about pandas. From the birth of Baby Beibei, she has been growing up with her. Full-color photos, continuous writing, factual information and more – this will be a great addition to the school library.

Celebrate Groundhog Day
by Karen Bush Gibson
holiday / groundhog
Karen Bush Gibson’s work not only teaches readers about groundhog day, but they will also become experts in the relevant history, celebration and geography. This gem of non-fiction is engaging, informative and perfect for beginning readers.

Anglerfish Deep Sea Devil
Illustrated by Elaine M. Alexander, Illustrated by Fiona Fogg
marine fish
Follow the birth of the anglerfish to grow and live in the dark depths of the ocean. Learn more about this bizarre long-toothed fish with bioluminescence.

Zero Waste Kids: 35 Activities to Become an Earth Activist
by Rob Greenfield
The Earth Day
The illustrations impress me and are very helpful Step-by-step guidance on actionable activities, including those to help reduce, reuse, and recycle Includes arts and crafts, food, gardening, nature, activism and zero waste activities. Make t-shirt napkins, make peel decorations, press flour, build a bee hotel, make your own granola bars and more.

Recycle and Play: Awesome DIY Zero Waste Projects for Kids
Author: Agnes Hsu
Earth Day Crafts
I love how Agnus helps us see the possibilities of recycling and reusing materials for play, learning and creativity with clear directions and full-color photos. This must-have book helps adults promote children’s play, process, and creativity without wasting material. Learn how to turn materials like paper tubes, cardboard, bubble wrap, bottles, egg and milk cartons into games, toys, flower pots and more.

biggest thing in the universe
Mr. DeMaio, illustration by Saxton Moore
Get ready to learn cool facts about big things through photos, cartoons and illustrations! From the largest tree to the largest exoplanet to the largest thing in the known universe (Hercules Corona Borealis Great Wall), Mr. DeMaio makes learning Earth and space science fun!

record-breaking natural disaster
Mr. DeMaio, illustration by Saxton Moore
Earth Science
Earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, floods, and more – which are the biggest and cause the most damage? Dr. DeMaio Reveals Your Secret! With full-color photos, cartoons and quick facts, you’ll read the most important details of each natural disaster with amusing commentary from Mr. DeMaio and his Muppets students.

The Activity Book That Everyone Worries About
Jordan Reid, illustrated by Erin Williams
I really love this colorful activity book with lively, goofy kid-approved humor and activities that really appeal to teens! What activities are there, you ask? The rankings range from yayyyyyyy to nope nope nope. Design your own emoji. Draw faces on underwater creatures with many senses, like smug seahorses and worried whales. Draw five things that make you feel safe. Write down the 5 things you are most proud of. I like. Will your 8 to 12 year olds do it?

Handmade: Guitar
by Patricia Larkin
musical instrument
eye-catching design and interesting information, This book about guitars includes a history of the instrument, background on making electric guitars, full-color photos, diagrams, timelines, and more.

A for the alphabet of the oboe orchestra
Authors: Lera Auerbach and Marilyn Nelson, Illustrations: Paul Hoppe
musical instrument
Learn about the orchestra with poetic entries from A to Z. The vocabulary for each letter is in bold, but there is no glossary behind to detail the meaning of the letter. cute illustration.

Story Orchestra: The Magic Flute Jessica Courtney-Tickle Illustration
Prince Tamino broke into the palace of the Sun King in order to rescue the Night Queen’s princess. He played the magic flute to charm the court and rescue the princess. When you read a retelling of an opera, press a button to hear Mozart’s score. The music perfectly matches the parts and illustrations of the story – it’s an immersive reading experience.

my israel and me
By Alice Blumenthal McGinty, drawing by Rotem Teplow
Learn about the lives of different people in Israel in rhyming first-person vignettes. Some live in the city, some live in kibbutzim, some run companies, and some go on business trips. On the opposite page, written in third person, is more factual information. A lovely introduction and country tour.

Day and Night Lights: The Science of How Light Works
Susan Hughes, Illustrated by Alan Rooney
Learn about light with a little girl and her cat. The book is filled with information on topics such as natural light, artificial light, sunlight, and shadow.

Sound is Everywhere: The Science of How Sound Works
Susan Hughes, Illustrated by Alan Rooney
A little boy and his dog illustrate the introduction sound science The sound is high and low, quiet and loud, as well as vibration, echo, pitch and decibel.

walk for water
Susan Hughes, illustrated by Nicole Myers
gender equality
A boy in Africa has seen how unfair it is that his twin sister cannot go to school and must fetch water for her family. He addressed this injustice by exchanging school time with his sister. Use this book to facilitate discussions about equity.

What if you could spy like a narwhal? !
Sandra Markle, illustrated by Howard McWilliams
Narwhals use echolocation to find food and survive. If you have echolocation, you might find a sunken treasure or find the shortest path out of a maze. Learn fascinating facts and unique characteristics of interesting animals (superpowers) Narwhal, lyrebird, giant cuttlefish, three-banded armadillo or colugo.

gallery day
nia gould
Different groups of animals visit the gallery, inviting you to come along and find something different in the paintings. The recreated paintings include these animals, which are not my favorite things, but I love searching and discovering and the information provided about each art movement such as Surrealism, Cubism, and Impressionism.

This is the math in my origami! 35 Fun Learning Hands-on Math Learning Projects
Author: Fumaki Shinnomiya
Rated by difficulty, this origami book for kids ages 7+ offers readers Step-by-step instructions and drawings for making animals, toys, and vehicles.

Love the Earth Crazy Library

Help write 21 Earth Day-themed stories about Earth Day, meditation, organic farming, and the art of upcycling.

Crazy Libs of the 70s

Electronics, birthday wishes, fashion and disco helped write 21 blank stories about the 1970s.

Pets-a-Palooza Mad Libs

Animal lovers will also want this Mad Libs book.

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