Powerful performance and cleansing ingredients: Clean ID Pore Minimizer Primer can refine pores and create a smooth and flawless complexion. This pore refinement primer is specially developed for sensitive skin and does not contain any silicones or fragrances. Its ingredients are 98% natural sources. It can be used as a foundation or “pure” wear under foundation.

Have Permanent primer It has the same name and the same ingredient list in the white/light blue tube. It does not contain silicon, but its primary component is silicon dioxide, second only to water.It is drier and thinner than silicone based Prime and Fine Poreless Blur Primer Goodbye Pores I got it a while ago and hope it will hide the pores (it is not the best, but more matte than this, so it hides the shine around the pores). It has a better texture and is more moisturizing at first, it creates a smooth foundation, but, I don’t see a big difference in my pores. There are some flakes between my eyebrows, so it is another formula that is not suitable for my dry skin, at least not a more moisturizing base, but I don’t know how effective it is to resist oil on oily combination skin. On me it becomes very matte during the day and I need mist to add some moisture. It is light peach, but the color is not enough to produce an effect. It creates a smooth canvas for foundation, it may matte well on oily skin, but the pores do not hide well.

AQUA (water), silicon dioxide, C13-15 alkanes, C15-19 alkanes, polyglycerol 3 distearate, glycerin, polyglycerol 6 oleate, dioctyl ether, distarch phosphate, oxalic acid Dimethyl, Glycol Distearate, Glycol Diester, Sunflower (Helianthus) Seed Wax, Polyglycerol-3, Acacia Flower CERA (Acacia Flower Wax), Tocopherol, Cetyl Phosphoric Acid Potassium, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycol Ethylhexyl Glycol Dicarboxylate, Glycol Glycol Dicarboxylate Magnesium Chloride, Alcohol, Aluminum Hydroxide, Dipotassium Phosphate, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, CI 77491 ( Iron oxide), CI 77492 (iron oxide), CI 77891 (titanium dioxide)

Clean ID Matt Prime & Fix Spray

Absolute all-rounder: Clean ID Prime & Fix Sprays prepare the skin for primer, moisturize and visibly smooth out any unevenness. They also shape your makeup for a bright makeup look. Between digital conference marathons, home exercises during lunch breaks, and video calls with friends, sprays can also be used to refresh the skin. Due to aloe vera, Matt Prime & Fix Spray has a soothing effect, while Glow Prime & Fix Spray containing rose petal extract moisturizes and enhances freshness.

There are two sprays in this series, the other Prime & Fix spray Just like the introductory book above is also part of the permanent collection, and this is not. I don’t like the appearance of the ingredient list, as far as I am concerned, such high alcohol in the list should not be a skin care product (Now this is the ingredient that worries us consumers). With such a fine mist, Catrice’s atomizer does a very good job. I have their other two sprays and they are the worst sprays in my small collection, so this is a good upgrade. It promises a matte effect and I tested it twice. One is a shiny sunscreen and nothing else, see if it can handle matte as it promises. The answer is no, my skin is still shiny after an hour, so it didn’t help, but my skin eventually became a cushion by itself. The second test is to use some powder to set the classic makeup, so I can see if it can create a smoother makeup. In this case, it can set the makeup very well and make the makeup less obvious, but over time, my skin becomes too dry and a little uncomfortable.So I suspect that applying powder on oily skin is a good mist, but given that it has such a high alcohol content in the list, I suggest you choose their highly rated purple instead Prime and Fine versatile fixing spray Or the pink spray of this series because it has a nice fine mist.

Water (water), alcohol denaturation, lily water, aloe vera leaf juice, sodium phytate, lactic acid, citric acid, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

Clean ID Exfoliating Enzyme Powder

Thanks to its plant enzymes, this enzymatic powder peel can remove dead skin cells and excess oil, exfoliating skin cells gently and without irritation. In addition, it can clean the skin deeply, make the skin clean and regenerate. Use this Catrice peel to create a clean and smooth face. This product does not use microplastic particles, organic silicon or mineral oil. How to use: Take a small amount of this product on the palm, mix with about 3-4 drops of water and apply to the face. Let the product act on the skin for about 5 minutes, and then rinse off with water.

I have this on my wish list, but it is not what I expected.I think it will be a scam Miss Alice, your future looks bright Enyzme powder, It also works like mechanical peeling to me, making it very smooth, but this Catrice has zero grit. It is a powder, and when mixed with water, it produces a smooth emulsion. It was completely clear on the face, it started to dry quickly and my skin was tight at the end of those 5 minutes. After washing it off, I can’t see any difference, it’s like I haven’t used anything. The enzyme is papain. Maybe it is more effective for those who are not used to strong acid.

Ingredients: rice (rice) starch, tapioca starch, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium myristoyl glutamate, water (water), sodium chloride, maltodextrin, xanthan gum, papain, sodium acetate (Sodium triethylene glycol).

Clean ID Carrot Glow Face Oil

The powerful duo of flawless, smooth skin tone is here: Carrot Glow Face Oil provides rosy, fresh glow, and Hyaluronic Boost Serum nourishes the skin with extra moisture. Facial oils and serums do not contain silicones, mineral oils, microplastic particles, parabens or polyethylene glycols. Both come with high-quality glass bottles with practical pipettes-an absolute highlight in any skin care collection.

A very light liquid formula containing soy, almond, jojoba oil, avocado, camellia, sunflower and carrot seed oils, and a very small amount of vitamin C at the end of the list. It goes well with Gua Sha because it is very thin, but I think it is not the most nutritious oil, and most of it is absorbed quickly. It has a mild sweetness.

Isopropyl myristate, dioctyl ether, glycine soy (soybean) oil, linden (sweet almond) oil, American ginseng (jojoba) seed oil, acacia (avocado) oil, horse chestnut (carrot) Seed oil, sunflower (sunflower) seed oil, tocopherol acetate, tocopherol, pepper extract, rosemary (rosemary) leaf extract, β-carotene, guava (guava) fragrance)

Clean ID Scraping and Lifting Face Stone

Gua Sha facial lift stones have a unique shape and can be held comfortably in your hand-ideal for soothing facial massages. The massage stones are made of aventurine quartz, which cools the skin and reduces facial swelling. Essences, oils and creams can be perfectly massaged into the skin with stones to further enhance the skin care effect. Home beauty SPA, here we are!

In fact, I already have a Gua Sha, pink quartz, a little thicker than this, but the shape is the same. It’s great to see that we now have this product in pharmacies. It provides an opportunity for people who don’t buy online to use one of them. Although it’s thinner than mine, it doesn’t feel fragile anymore. I like it a bit better because its edges are not that thick. I try to perform the entire drainage massage regularly, but due to my thin face, these stones are not so pleasant. I have been doing massages for a while (I have a few different massagers), and honestly, I really don’t understand what the fuss is about. Maybe if you have a puffy face in the morning, I have never done this before, they will help, but visually I can’t see any difference in me.


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