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New Intermediate Books, September 2021

Write in second person, This story puts you at the center of a historical novel, the story tells a Jewish girl named Ariel, her sister fell in love and ran away to marry a Hindu boy After the verdict of Love and Virginia. Ariel misses her sister very much, but her parents refuse to talk about her sister or let Ariel know her sister’s contact information. At the same time, Ariel’s teacher believed that she had a learning disability called dysgraphia. Only Ariel’s mother refused to listen to the teacher. This was triggered by her own experience in the special education class. Although Ariel struggled with writing, her teacher encouraged her to write poems to help her express her feelings. Inspired by the author’s own family history, the authenticity of the story runs through every moment. This is a beautiful story about love, family, forgiveness and growth-you will love it.

Traitor among us
Author: Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
Historical fiction

A little-known history is that after World War II, Russians kidnapped Ukrainian refugees for enslavement or death. In this true story, sisters Maria and Christia were kidnapped by the Russians because another girl falsely accused them of being Hitler girls, girls who cooperated with the Nazis. The girls, including their plaintiff, were taken to a house in Russia for interrogation, where they fought for survival and escaped with the help of others. This well-written history shows the power of human kindness.

The ghost of midnight lake
Lucy Strange
Ghost story / Historical Fiction
Very suitable for people like me who don’t like horror stories, it’s not scary Ghost story(In this story, bad guys are more terrifying than ghosts.) When Aji’s wealthy Earl’s father died, her terrifying cousin and new heir sent Aji to her mysterious biological father. She was shocked to learn that the earl was not her biological father, and when she adjusted to the new environment, she decided to find out the truth about her inheritance. This means following the spooky light into her old manor, exploring a haunted island with new friends, and surviving her cousin’s life attempts. This is a wonderful story about the brave heroine, she has a big mystery to be solved!

Petra Luna’s barefoot dream
Author: Alda P. Dobbs
Historical fiction
According to the true history of the author’s great-grandmother, this is a beautiful and important story about hope, resilience and family. The story took place in 1913 in Mexico with a long history. When the Federales burned down the village, Petra Luna, her Abuela, her sister and her little brother fled their home. Petra’s Abuelita calls reading and writing barefoot dreams, which means they won’t go too far, but when they get help from a female rebel captain, Petra reiterates that she can be more important than her Abuelita thinks—— She can keep her promise to save her family and realize her barefoot dream. Before the federal members reached the Mexican side, they and hordes of others tried to cross the bridge and enter the United States to wait. Their trial eventually led to a tragic and life-threatening experience. Exciting, interesting and inspiring.

A ghostly mystery of racism, justice, bravery, and friendship. In 1922, her father was killed by a white man in Georgia. His ghost appeared in front of Ophelia to warn her and her mother to escape. After that, Ofi could see ghosts everywhere, even in their new home, Pittsburgh. When she was forced to drop out of school to work, she and her mother worked in the same wealthy family. In her new job, she met a beautiful and charming ghost named Clara, who was murdered but can’t remember. Ofi wants to discover the truth and help her new friend. But the ghost is not kind, and will do whatever it takes, including possession and revenge. Ofi needs to be careful…

Disaster recipe
Amy Lucido
A heartwarming story about family, faith, forgiveness, and learning to define yourself instead of letting others define you. Hannah, a girl who loves Cooking and food, I want to figure out what it means to be a Jew… and have my own Bat Mitzvah. Since her mother forbids her to become a Jew, her grandmother helps her learn the Torah secretly with her aunt Yael, rabbi, and Hannah’s mother’s estranged sister. When she continued to attend class, other things in her life didn’t go well… Her father and brother kept arguing, her good friend abandoned her, and her new friend Vee experienced anti-Semitism in her house. Graffiti. In the end, Hannah will use all these experiences to discover who she is and who she wants to be. You will love Hannah’s insights into the relationship with her unique recipes such as “She-ra Recipes” and “Best Friendship Recipes”.

Fox cleverly takes us into the heart of the protagonist Lulu, who desperately takes care of her sister after their father abandoned them in the caravan park where they have been living. I hope she can make paper cranes, and hope her father can come back as before. They were not discovered by adults for several weeks, but one day, when she missed her sister’s pick-up time, the Social Services Department was summoned and the truth came to light. When it happened, Lulu understood what it meant to be in the community, adults were not enemies, and her father had never left them—he was John Doe in the hospital. This is an A touching story faced by a determined girl Homeless With courage.

Yusef Azeem is not a hero
Sadia Farrucci
Historical fiction / 9/11
Walk into Youssef’s shoes 9/11 20th Anniversary, A Pakistani-American Muslim living in a small town in Texas. He was bullied by hate notes in middle school, and his small community was surrounded by hatred and anger organized by the Patriot Sons. Yusef tried to focus on his robot team and his family, but when the robot toy he made for his sister caused him to be accused of bombing and held in jail for 12 hours, he had to decide how to respond. Assimilate, leave, only make friends with other Muslims, or fight against bullies. He decided to accept his father’s suggestion and try to use love to defeat hatred…Growing up is difficult, but in this powerful story inspired by real events, you will feel deeply about the experience that Yousef has experienced because of his religious beliefs. Sympathy and sadness.

Born in a bar
Padma Venkatraman

Actual / Indian society

Kabir is too old to continue living in prison with his unjustly imprisoned mother. He was forced to leave prison without a mother and soon realized that his so-called uncle was trying to sell him into a slave. Kabir ran away and met a secular girl named Rani, who helped him survive on the streets. The two went to another city together. They hoped that Kabir’s grandparents would live there, and Kabir and Rani would find goodwill and a second chance there. This powerful story illustrates the homelessness and justice system in India, while also giving readers hope for human kindness and the possibility of change. To be honest, I cried happily in the last third of this book-it resonated emotionally.

Madalyn’s parents sent her to live with her great uncle Lobo so she can attend a safer high school. But when her new friend acted like Madalyn’s neighbors were afraid of black boys, Madalyn was hurt by Natalie’s racist behavior. The devastating California fire caused Natalie to lose her guardian, and she asked to stay with Madalen. At first, Madalyn didn’t want to say yes. However, her uncle reminded her that no matter whether people deserve to be kind or not, we can choose who we want to be-we can even choose to be kind to those who may not be worthy. After reading this book in one go, I couldn’t put it down. I like writing, wise information and the French Creole flavor of the protagonist’s family.

City of Thieves (War Dragon)
By Alex London
In Dracopolis, clan gangs control the community with violence and crime, use dragons to fight each other, and act as taxis and freight companies. Abel discovered it and established contact with the dragon that his sister stolen, but a relative found out and forced Abel to join their relatives fighting. When he learned that his best friend happened to be non-dual and never told him, he was shocked-if Abel did not fight, his family would be in danger. In an exciting turn of the plot, Abel uses his advantage, his family and his two 7th grade classmates to fight all relatives to eliminate his family debt once and for all. Cool world architecture, excellent character development-it’s fun to read!

Secret kingdom
Christina Morrel
Fantasy adventure

A tortuous adventure that follows two stories-first, Prismena’s balloon driver father was imprisoned for what Prismena did-well, a troublemaker named Abi made her… now Abi, a rebellious The orphan, and Prismena both got what they wanted—and Prismena had to face the cruel facts about the leadership of the kingdom. Throughout the book, we also read the background story explaining the history of the queen and her seemingly cold heart. A complex plot of girl power is infused with STEM problem solving and growth into herself.

Heir of the Crow
By Stephanie Burgess
Cordelia is a triplet, and she lives in a magical forest with their witch mother. When their castle was under siege, the brothers and sisters fled their violent, power-hungry relatives. They will find a grandmother who deceived them and tried to catch them. They will also learn the truth about their history and the broken crown that must be repaired to end the bloodshed. A good fantasy escape adventure.

Set in the Middle Ages, a traumatized Beatrice who has lost his memory is helped by a kind monk and an unusually clever goat. Because she was forbidden to read, the monk advised her to shave her hair and pretend to be a boy so that she could help them with the lighting work. After traveling in a dangerous city, Beatrice remembered the attack on her home and determined to see the king to correct the mistakes made to her family. A boy, a kind monk, a former king, and the goat Answelica also joined her. I got this review copy PDF book from Netgalley, it lacks pages, so maybe I missed too many stories, but I feel at a loss. If you have read it and want to help me change my mind, please leave a comment!

13 new intermediate books, September 2021

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