I am very happy to introduce you to these new beginning chapter books! Quirky, warm, historical, this list is for everyone…

Introductory chapter books for children from 6 to 9 years old

Enter the thieves’ cave on Monday
(Total Chaos #1)
Ralph Lazar
Wild and weird, if you like adventures of good and evil, and the power of a child saves the day, then this illustrated adventure is perfect for you! Dash Candoo’s Monday is a crazy adventure after another, including the devil cat attack, quad bike chase, math classroom secret tunnel, stolen perfume and so on. I am a big fan of this exciting, readable new chapter book and look forward to more books in the interesting new series. (PS this is interesting Zero potty humor! )

Grumpy chicken
By Catherine Buttersby

Learn how Cranky Chicken and a worm named Speedy became friends when Cranky “rescued” Speedy from a leaf! The ensuing story shows us our new friend Worm and Grumpy Chicken with a relaxed, witty humor, and they work together to figure out how to be best friends even if the Worm has no feathers. humor Harmony-this is a delightful graphic novel, sure to become a new favorite.

Good dog
Cam Higgins, Illustration by Ariel Randy
how Sweet beginning picture chapter A book written from the perspective of Bogou! Enthusiastic and full of personality fraternity, his loving family and his life on the farm. But when his dog tag was lost, he was worried. He searched the farm with the help of all farm animals, and his spider friend helped him find it.Your readers will love this new series There is a cute puppy narration! Combine the first 4 books into one!

Mrs. Frogbottom’s field trip I want my mother
By Nancy Crewlik
Welcome to the fourth grade with a unique teacher…mainly because her magic map can transport the entire class to all over the world. In this story, Mrs. Frog Barton took the class to Egypt-our narrator Tony didn’t like it at all, didn’t like the black cat following them, didn’t like his friend Sophia disappeared, and didn’t like it. Aiden walked into the graves of friends and was trapped! Camels, too much sand, pyramids, tombs, and a real mummy made the terrified student happy to go home. This educational adventure series has a good start. Next stop, Scotland.

Our principal is a fear cat
Illustration by Stephanie Calmenson, Aaron Blecha
Get ready to listen to a stupid story with a fringe of horror! Principal Bent found a hat on the way to school. He never realized (*but the reader knows) that this hat belongs to someone-and someone wants it back. Fearing the sound of asking for the return of the hat, he asked the magician for help. Fortunately, the master (skeleton) retrieved his hat and stopped pestering Mr. Bont. Stupid and fun.

Gold nuggets and hot dogs
By Jason Tharp
Suitable for favorite readers madness, Puns, good and evil, this is the story of two friends, a dog and a gold nugget, They lived in Gastropolis and formed a well-meaning club to fight evils like the despicable Dijon mustard. (Note: This book reads more like an introductory chapter book than an early reader. Because of the complicated vocabulary, even if it says level 2, I don’t agree to upgrade.)

Odyssey and Henry’s Box: The Adventures of Charlie and Baxter
Sarah J. Aris, illustration by Sarah Nieves
The siblings found a robot in their basement and used their coding abilities to make it Time travel back to 1849 They were there to help Henry “Box” Brown free himself from slavery. I am very happy to see children of color in the historical time travel book!

Geraldine Pu and her lunch box are too
By Maggie P. Chang
In a familiar story (already in many picture books), this opening graphic novel shows The boy made fun of Geraldine’s hurt and anger during lunch. At first, Geraldine felt terrible and wanted to bring something different to eat, but she eventually accepted her favorite food prepared by her Amma and helped another boy do the same—even if other The child said it smells bad. A wonderful back-to-school graphic novel that demonstrates the importance of being proud of who you are and accepting differences.

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