So far, Google Have mastered the art of making a sturdy and affordable mobile phone. Its new Pixel 5A has almost all the features most people need in a mobile phone, and the company sells these phones at a reasonable price of $450. But Google did not stop at functionality. It also bet a lot on fancy. Later this year, the company will release the Pixel 6, which is a much more expensive phone with cutting-edge design and a set of advanced software features. Inside this new flagship phone is a custom processor called Tensor, which can bring some changes to the Android operating system.

On Gadget Lab this week, WIRED comment editor Julian Chokkattu discussed with us the new Pixel phone and Google’s future plans.

Show notes

Read Julian’s Pixel 5A. His phone video walkthrough is here. Read our story about new Google products Custom tensor chipAnd check out our selection Cheapest phone. And fucking everything we are doing Five-edged.


Julian recommends this movie Green knight. Mike recommends Gilad Edelman’s WIRED story”It’s time to bring back the overalls. Lauren suggested donating to International Women’s Media Foundation Support female journalists reporting in Afghanistan.

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