• Sonia ChristianThe principal of Bakersfield College in California has been elected as the principal of the Kern Community College District, also located in California.
  • Christine ClarkThe principal of California West Hill College Lemoore has been appointed as the principal of the West Hill Community College District, also located in California.
  • Martha DanielsonThe Vice President of Economic Development of Minnesota Central South College was elected as the President of Southeastern Minnesota State College.
  • Sandra KiddThe chief academic officer of the Minnesota Endangered Community and Technical College has been appointed as the dean of the Northland Community and Technical College, also located in Minnesota.
  • Jeffrey S. Kress, Dr. Bernard Heller, Chair of Jewish Education at Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, has been promoted to Provost.
  • Patricia OakThe Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri has been appointed as the Dean of the Florida New School.
  • Michael ReichThe temporary principal of the Northeast Higher Education District of Minnesota has been permanently appointed to this position.
  • Monique M. TaylorThe campus dean and executive director of the New York Institute of Technology Abu Dhabi Project has been selected as the provost and chief academic officer of Champlain College in Vermont.
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