The new selection process Colombia that advances Nestor Lawrence It is not completely to everyone’s liking. Some opinion generators did not agree with the coach’s decisions when calling players and the criticism did not take long.

One of the most furious in relation to such a call was Carlos Antonio Vélez. The controversial journalist, director of ‘Planet Soccer‘ of Antena 2, hit the Argentine strategist with everything. According to his analysis, there was no change in this call.

Despite all this, Néstor Lorenzo’s work has not yet been seen in action. That is to say, all the criticisms are born from the assumptions of seeing the man to man who was called to the Colombia team. However, the reality is that some new faces do appear in the cycle.

For his part, Vélez returned to refer to the subject of Néstor Lorenzo this Friday through the program. In the first place, he assured that the Argentine would have lost the opportunity to make a renewal. Although, later, he reorganized his words saying that he still had time to rectify the path.

A new attack against Néstor Lorenzo

“He missed the opportunity to do something different, but we hope he does it because there is still a deadline, he still has time (…) At the beginning I had a fever. The truth, I was disgusted to hear that call”, he assured.

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Faced with such a situation, the bad taste in the mouth that Carlos Antonio Velez in relation to this stage of selection Colombia. After failing to qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, many waited for a proven renewal. But everything seems to indicate that it will be with patience.

Let us remember that the Colombia team will face Guatemala this Saturday, September 24, starting at 6:30 pm After that, they will have to face Mexico on Tuesday, September 27 in Santa Clara, California. From there it will be possible to evaluate the work of Néstor Lorenzo with greater clarity.

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