New York Fashion Week The week’s fashion shows and presentations always gather the best and best designers, but this year stands out.Last year, many Fashion week events Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these shows are either held virtually or cancelled, which means that first-line stars and editors can watch most of the shows without leaving home. As the world reappears from the nearly 18-month period of self-isolation, fashion designers are welcoming back to normal through fashion shows or displays (well, kind of normal).

Although clothing is always the focus of NYFW-for obvious reasons-hair and makeup (you can see it in our other New York Fashion Week galleries) Right here) Always deserves applause.More specifically, the Manicure The parade on the show is also worth a lot of love. Next, take a look at some wonderful manicures brought to you by the fashion show and conference of New York Fashion Week in Spring 2022.

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