Here are some interesting Genesis G90 Spy photos. One of our spy shooters captured a next-generation flagship sedan driving on the Nürburgring, with a much lower level of camouflage The last time we spied it. This G90 There is also a complete roll cage inside, which is as worth a laugh as seeing the suspension do some heavy work in this severely curved corner.

The most attractive thing about these photos is the new body of this G90 we saw. This car looks lower, longer and more stylish than before. It has a new window line in which the bottom edge of the rear window kicks up at the end instead of staying flat. The rear fender design gives the impression that the rear buttocks are significantly opened. All these attractive features have been hidden from us before, and we are impressed by what we are seeing now.

Have a clear hint New G80 In this design, it only becomes more obvious after you see the caster angle. Its shape is similar to bumpers and suitcases. In addition, we can see the hint of the pentagonal exhaust pipe tip and taillights.It’s not obvious in these shots, but we suspect Genesis Apply its dual-band design to all other models of G90.

Moving to the front, it is obvious that the headlights will definitely adopt a dual-band design-we can see the two LEDs above. Genesis did not make much effort to conceal the huge grille of the G90. Considering that a large sedan needs a lot of cold air on the Nürburgring, this is not entirely unexpected. The main center grille looks similar in size and shape to the big mouth of the upcoming G90, but it also adds a grid to the lower bumper.

As for the newly displayed doors and sides of the body, it looks like Genesis may use new electric door handles on the G90. The rear passenger side handle is flush with the camouflage, while the front passenger side handle is slightly protruding, it is easy to show some pre-production weirdness on the camouflage and door handles.Regarded as New S-Class With the electric handle finally adopted, it is not impossible to see Genesis imitate its flagship product.

The last thing we want to point out are these fashionable wheels. Genesis has caused a sensation with many of its recent wheel designs, which is another set of wild rims for this car. We are now very happy to see a car without camouflage or packaging, because the G90 is becoming a delightful full-size four-door car. At this stage of disguise and testing, we have a feeling that the wait will not be long.

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