On Sunday, a French league match between Nice and Marseille was cancelled after home fans threw projectiles and invaded the field.

With about 15 minutes left in the game, Marseille midfielder Dimitri Payette was hit by a bottle thrown from the stands at the defender.

Earlier, the stadium announcer had warned supporters not to throw objects.

Payette threw the bottle back into the crowd, prompting a large number of Nice fans to flood the stadium, and a scuffle involving players and supporters followed.

The referee suspended the game, when Nice won 1-0 and the two teams retreated into the tunnel.

The game was suspended for 90 minutes, and then referee Benoit Bastien announced the cancellation of the game. The Nice players returned to the court a few minutes early, but the Marseille players refused to join.

Nice chairman Jean-Pierre Revere called on Nice’s supporters to remain calm through the sound system during the delay, but the angry Marseille players and staff insisted on refusing to continue.

French daily team According to reports, visiting players Payette, Matteo Guendoz and Luan Perez were injured in a scuffle with the crowd. Riot police were deployed in front of a team crowded with Nice fans.

Swedish striker Caspar Dolberg led Nice in the 49th minute.


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