For car fans, 2022 is an extremely happy year.Yes, prices are high, supply shortages, releases are delayed or hindered by ongoing logistics issues, but who would have thought a few years ago Promising new Z car, A sort of The revival of Acura Integra, And the first delivery of the new (really good) Ford Mustang Will it happen in a few months?

Z is a particularly tricky lightning rod.this 370Z When it was launched, it received fairly stable praise, but as Detroit made a major leap in the absolute speed and handling ability of its pony car, its price-performance ratio came under fire in the following years. When 400 horsepower became the benchmark for a V8-powered coupe in the low to mid-price range of $30,000, the Z lost most of its brilliance.

Of course it didn’t help Nissan It seems content to let Z-car wither.Over time, its factory infotainment has become less and less competitive, and its extensive integration with the dashboard makes Aftermarket The solution is confusing and impractical. In fact, if you peruse the Z ownership group online, you will find that many of them turn to the iPad or Samsung tablet to be installed on their center console instead of trying to integrate a high-quality aftermarket solution plan.

Pair this with an earlier reputation brake A problem in high-performance applications, it’s no surprise that Z’s popularity has declined, even if it has become relatively cheap in the secondary market.And Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZIn recent years, despite offering lower power, their sales are usually about the same as Z (which means they actually double the sales between the two) That Much cheaper.Used Toyabaru twins actually have Praise In recent months, since the production of both models ended in 2020, the lack of new inventory has helped the market continue to rise.

if 86 (And through expansion, not yet driven quickly) Shows the results we can get from the manufacturer’s decision to improve existing models instead of redesigning them. This is promising, but both benefit from the suspicion of the media and enthusiast buyers. For years, we have been saying that the twins have only a little bit of power and torque from perfection, and Subaru and Toyota have now expertly called us a bluff. As mentioned above, the criticism of Z is far less specific.

However, if you ask me (or even if you don’t ask), the 370Z should not be ignored by audiophiles.It may not be The best price, But it’s not the worst, even though it’s developed to help absorb all the compromises inherent in the fact that Luxury car platform Infiniti, It is still a capable, flexible, and exciting car that can drive on winding roads.It may not provide original functionality or practicality Mustang or Camaro, But it’s still very fun to drive, not to mention the last affordable rear-wheel drive coupe with a high-revving naturally aspirated V6.

With the overhaul in 2023, the last point will no longer be true, but in exchange, we get more power, more torque, and the flexibility (and potential modification friendliness) brought by the factory turbocharged engine ). In addition, the carryover of the chassis means that the aftermarket should not completely reinvent the wheel in terms of basic upgrades (so to speak).

Early reactions to the Z were mixed, with some saying that Nissan seized the perfect opportunity to electrify its iconic coupe. This is not a bad idea in terms of specifications, I will agree with you, but Nissan’s actual situation has stated otherwise.A niche Sports car As interest has declined over the years, it is a terrible candidate for the level of investment required to provide PHEV or BEV power systems.

If the Z is to be the first of many models, the fact that Nissan (and Infiniti) cannot actually allocate costs to other models makes the situation even more complicated. Gone are the days when the company could rely on its rear-drive coupe and sedan platform to increase sales. If Nissan wants to invest in the electric halo performance model, the nameplate for this kind of experiment is Skyline, not Fairlady. former( GT-R, Just in case it’s not clear) Order the premium that can justify the expenditure.

I approached GR 86 with cautious optimism; it exceeded my expectations. This is good news and bad news for Nissan. Z either further proves that this is an effective way to keep existing internal combustion enthusiast cars relevant for more years, or proves that 86 and BRZ are just a fluke (or its fans just have very different expectations).

For Nissan, I can only see one path of failure: price. The car that will leave the country starts at approximately US$30,000 (the destination is US$30,985). Did you even realize it? Yes, although the V8 pony car slowly climbs toward the $50,000 field, the 370Z is still affordable. This is the key to continuity; after all, it is easier to accept fewer cars for less money.But what we are hearing now is the 2023 Sport model Put the receipt about 40,000 USD, Which means an increase of about 25-30% over the price of the upcoming car, which is by no means a trivial matter.

For context, the 86’s horsepower may be 10% higher (Toyota stated that the destination price will be “easyly less” than $30,000; the previous base model was about $28,000) because of its 10% increase in horsepower. Although by the strictest definition, this may not be progress, at least it is linear. You pay more, but you get a higher percentage. Nissan’s value proposition is volatile.

Of course, even if it is 30% more expensive than the 370Z, the entry point of $40,000 looks very cost-effective compared to the 370Z. Toyota Supra, Starting from those three great north and There is a four-cylinder engine (its turbo six-cylinder engine sells for $51,000). The starting price of $40,000 is also well below the more powerful V8 pony car, but only-just right. Nevertheless, I still can’t get rid of the feeling that people are unwilling to pay so much for the Nissan Z. Perhaps Nissan has stalled the price of the 370Z, while prices in other market segments are rising. For a 400-horsepower ICE-powered coupe with a manual transmission, $40,000 may be “reasonable” on paper, but this does not mean that the purchaser will think so.

As an enthusiast, you should pay close attention to the acceptance of GR 86, BRZ and Z, as these may affect the fate of the remaining affordable ICE performance nameplates on the market.already have rumor That Mustangs may be overhauled in a similar way, and There are more car manufacturers Clues can be obtained from the results of these experiments. I have now witnessed how good these used cars are.Earlier this month, I proved this by ordering my own products Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing -Itself is just a redo ATS-V.

I came forward. You can?

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