one Nissan The biggest racing achievement is to win East Africa in 1971 Safari Use 240Z rally. Today, 50 years later, this Japanese company has changed Yuk Turn into a rally-like car to commemorate the victory.

Nissan explained Juke box Is the “natural starting point” of tribute, which is a puzzling statement while ignoring 370Z 2009 and Its substitute,this is Will expire on August 17 this yearIn the company’s defense, the next Z will not be sold in Europe. Then it is Juke.Start with four doors cross, The designer paid tribute to the coupe that won the rally by integrating the spotlight into the black hood, adding redesigned bumpers at both ends, and tucking a set of rally wheels under the fender flares. At the back, a pair of spare wheels protruded from the hatch.

It appears that Juke also accepted the suspension lift, but did not disclose the details of the underbody.What we do know is that it is not powered by a 210-horsepower inline six-cylinder engine, but is powered by a gasoline-electric engine. Hybrids Powertrain.

There is no sign of a rally tribute Concept will soon join the Juke series. However, something crazier happened.Nissan has built about five Juke-R, A V6 crossover with a center-mounted GT-R source.

This is not the first time Z has crossed an intersection.Back in time to 2015 Grip, A concept exhibited in Frankfurt Auto show It was also promoted as a tribute to the 240Z that won the rally.Although many people think it will go into production 370Z, It is still a one-time design study.

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