According to foreign media reports Japan, The long-awaited variant of NISMO Nissan Z will debut soon after the standard release.In addition, it may produce a race-only variant to fight against Toyota Supra GT4.

There are few details, but according to Best car, Z NISMO can lay down more power than the 400 horses of the standard Z version. 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 from Infiniti Q50 with Q60 Since its debut in 2016, the Red Sport 400 (but used with a 6-speed manual transmission) has not been adjusted.

There should be more performance that can be squeezed out. It will follow the tradition of the NISMO version and have more power than ordinary Z-cars. E.g, 370Z NISMO has 350 horsepower than the 337 horsepower of the base car.

The article also said that Z NISMO will be equipped with 20-inch wheels instead of standard 19-inch wheels.Perhaps its most interesting revelation is that Nissan will provide a track-only GT4 version to fight head-on Toyota. To provide racing car manufacturers with no interior body-in-white, these non-street legal examples are manufactured in compliance with global GT4 class rules. for reference, Same as above The price of GT4 is approximately US$205,000.

In order to support its racing image, Best car It is also reported that the new Z will become the new face of Nissan in the Japanese Super GT series. Since 2008, GT-R Has been hoisting the Nissan battle flag against Honda NSX, Lexus RC F, And Toyota Supra. Starting in 2022, Z — or at least a complex that looks like it — will take over.

The seventh-generation Nissan Z will be unveiled globally in New York on August 17, but it should make its debut in Japan Tokyo Motor Show This fall. Due to the pandemic, the event has been cancelled, but the report states that Tokyo will still be ranked first in Z NISMO.Expected to be released in 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, And the regular Z will be launched in Japan in March.

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