Rangers coach Steven Gerrard said that the newly signed Nnamdi Ofoborh’s career will be put on hold after a scan revealed a heart problem.

The 21-year-old midfielder made a free transfer from Bournemouth to the club this summer, but there was a medical “red flag”.

After his team drew 2-2 with Arsenal in a friendly match with Ibrox, Gerrard told Rangers TV: “I don’t think you will see him in the short term.

“Unfortunately, his ECG showed something. This is a heart test.

“We now have top medical staff in the club, and when they arrive, we conduct a thorough inspection of all the players from head to toe.

Ofoborh joined the Rangers from Bournemouth this summer

“Unfortunately, there are some red flags for heart problems, so he will see some experts in the next few weeks, and we need to conduct more tests before moving on.

“This is disappointing and frustrating, but we have to manage and respond.

“The important thing is the health of the players, we obviously will focus on this first.

“Of course, this disappointed and frustrated the player, but I talked to him yesterday and told him to keep smiling and be patient. We will do everything we can to support him, let him appear in front of the right people and get the right support. Hope he will come back, not for long.”

Gerrard is more positive about 38-year-old forward Germain Defoe’s hamstring injury, who limped away before the halftime of Saturday’s game.

He said, “I think [Defoe] His hamstring has been adjusted a bit, so we will check it in the next few days, hope this is not a bad thing.

“I saw him leave, usually when your hamstrings are not good, you don’t leave, so this is positive.

“We just need to rejoin all our major players to keep up with the rhythm. Once we do, we will be fine.”

The Rangers will start their Scottish Premier League on Saturday, July 31, against Livingston at home.


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