Yesterday I received a marketing letter from a colleague. Not a sales promotion, just an update about what they are doing.

I am very happy to find that there is a handwritten address on this group email, and a little bit of fun with watercolor painting. Its shape is a bit irregular and requires an additional stamp because it cannot be processed. Inside, in addition to personal (and personalized) notes, there is also an ice cream cone gift card. But the coolest part is that this card is not from a national chain store, but from the local area across the street.

Obviously, it takes more time to create than I read. Obviously, it has not been accepted by many people.

And this imbalance is rare now.

People who are hungry for the noise are busy sending spam lists to millions of people. One of the emails takes two minutes to complete. Mail merges are not effective. This makes the scammers have a 2,000 ratio in terms of time spent and time consumed. 1 advantage. This is a form of leverage that feels like theft to the recipient, because our time, the irreplaceable things that all of us have acquired, are taken up.

Of course, I don’t need ice cream cones, and small gift cards are not bribes. It represents care and respect. The opposite of the hustle and bustle.It is used despise, Instead of thinking about trading.

These will not work unless you have obtained permission. If it is part of the clever hustle, it won’t work. If it is seen as spam or causes uncomfortable tension or requires reciprocity, it will not work. It is only effective because it requires a surcharge. You can choose to build an asset instead of using an asset.

[And yes, this is exactly the opposite of the way my bank answers the phone, the way most customer service is grudgingly offered, the way many publicists do their job, the way that organizations make foolish choices about attention and trust…] The question shouldn’t be, “Can it scale?” Instead, it might be, “Is it worth it?”

Interaction with registrants and allowing you to benefit from suspicion is a form Avocado timeThey should not be optimized for efficiency or even leverage. On the contrary, this is an opportunity to change the status quo.

[Thanks Stephen]

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