On the day before COVID-19 issues shortened his team’s season and college World Series seats, North Carolina baseball coach Elliott Avent said he didn’t want to “inculcate” the coronavirus on his players. Virus vaccine.

On Friday, after his team lost 3-1 to Vanderbilt, Avent told reporters that his job is to teach baseball and make sure his players are educated – not to inform them if they are vaccinated. He also refused to disclose whether he was vaccinated.

“I’m not going to talk about that,” Avent said (Via USA Today). “If you want to talk about baseball, we can talk about baseball. If you want to talk about politics or something like that, you can talk to Rob Murphy, my head of sports medicine.”

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The coach, who has worked in North Carolina for 25 years, said that any potential COVID-19 test positive among his players is “personal”, adding that he left the question of whether he should be vaccinated to them.

“My job is to teach them baseball, make sure they get an education, and keep them on the right track,” Avent said. “But I don’t try to instill in my children with my values ​​or my opinions. Obviously, we talked about a lot of things, but these young people can make their own decisions. That’s what they do.”

After several of his players were included in the COVID-19 agreement, Avent made a comment, reducing the Wolfpack roster to only 13 players-9 position players and 4 pitchers. After North Carolina State University transferred its position to a viable team against the brigadier general, only receiver Luca Tresh and right fielder Derwent Brown were in their regular positions.

The team can choose to abandon Friday’s game to Commodores and arrange a possible winner-take-all game on Saturday in order to occupy a place in the finals of the University World Series.Players Vote for the delayed game The roster is reduced and five freshmen need to be placed in the batting lineup.

According to a report from d1baseball.comEarlier this week, two unvaccinated players tested positive for COVID-19, prompting testing of the entire team-including vaccinated players. The report shows that this round of testing produced four positive tests, all from players who were vaccinated in the air-raid shelter during Friday’s game against Vanderbilt.

The team hopes to make it to the CWS final after defeating Commodores on Saturday. However, the four positive tests prompted the NCAA to issue a statement at 2:10 am Eastern Time, ruling that the game was no contest. In this way, the defending champion advances to the final again, and the North Carolina State University season is over:

NCAA Issue multiple guidelines Regarding the championship test before the University World Series, it is stated that fully vaccinated players and other level 1 personnel-coaches, trainers, staff and officials-are exempt from COVID-19 testing and contact tracing. However, a positive test among unvaccinated players will require a comprehensive community test.

“This is a heartbreaking situation and I feel guts for all those involved and all those who are attracted by the heart and fighting of this team,” Avent said in a statement. Saturday statement“Our medical staff and our players have performed well this season. Everything they do is to keep us safe and prepare us for the game day after day.

“I love this team. In the past month, many people who have watched them have also fallen in love with them. Although we are all heartbroken, this team will never be forgotten and will live in Wolfpack and In the hearts of baseball fans forever.”


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