Kim ordered the military to initiate rescue operations and provide supplies to residents in the eastern part of the southern area of ​​Hamgyong.

North Korean state media said on Sunday that due to concerns about the country’s economic crisis and food shortages, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has mobilized his army to carry out rescue work in areas hit by heavy rain recently.

The KCNA said that the Central Military Commission of the ruling Labor Party held a branch meeting in the eastern Hamgyong Nam province to discuss the losses and recovery caused by the rainstorm.

KCNA stated that Kim Jong-un did not attend the meeting, but party officials conveyed his message that the military should initiate rescue operations and provide necessary supplies in the area.

The KCNA said: “It also emphasized that he called for arousing and awakening (party) officials…to subtly and indomitably carry out the recovery campaign.”

KCNA did not specify the extent of the rain disaster, but said that the Military Commission is exploring emergency measures to rebuild the disaster-stricken areas, stabilize people’s lives, prevent the coronavirus and minimize crop damage.

At the time of the meeting, people were worried about a secluded economic crisis that has been plagued by international sanctions aimed at curbing its nuclear weapons and weapons programs.

Kim stated in June that the country is facing a “tense” food situation due to the coronavirus pandemic and last year’s typhoon. Recently, the Bank of Korea stated that the North Korean economy suffered its biggest contraction in 23 years in 2020.

North Korea has not confirmed any cases of COVID-19, but it has closed borders, stopped trade and adopted strict precautionary measures, treating the pandemic as a national survival issue.

South Korean lawmakers said last week that North Korea needs about 1 million tons of rice and that military and emergency reserves are about to run out.

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