In order to live with the post-pandemic future, Norway has lifted all coronavirus-related restrictions, including mask regulations. On Saturday, Prime Minister Jonas Gal Stoll announced the lifting of most of the lockdown measures; however, some restrictions apply to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

Speaking about this, the Prime Minister said: “We are lifting almost all coronavirus measures. The coronavirus pandemic is no longer a major health threat for most of us. The disease caused by the Omicron virus is much milder and a vaccine will protect us. “

He further demonstrated that Norwegian citizens are well protected after being vaccinated against covid19. Norwegians don’t need to wear masks, and 3-foot social distancing has been lifted.

The government has also lifted self-isolation requirements and replaced affected adults with a four-day quarantine. Travelers around the world can also enter the country without the need for proof of vaccines or testing.

The rule brings people now back to the pre-pandemic days, when travelers and citizens could roam freely across the country. However, travelers must be aware that most international airlines still adhere to mask regulations on board.

Norway entered a partial lockdown in December 2021 after the Omicron variant was discovered.

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