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Unfortunately, since it was first launched in 1996, Olympic softball has been an intermittent event. The last two Olympics did not host any softball, which annoys the US team and other softball-lacking worlds.

But it’s okay: softball is back The focus of the 2022 Olympics, And there are only six teams, the number of participants has decreased from the eight teams in 2008, 2004 and 2000, thus forming a more relaxed field-the field where the United States deserves the gold medal. This will be their fourth gold medal and the fifth medal they won in the Olympic Games hosting softball.

Here is what you need to know about the 2022 Olympic softball championship.

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How the 2022 Olympic softball championship works

The Olympic Softball Championship is actually easier to understand and follow up before the first game on July 20. In the past, the Olympic Games had a group stage and a play-off system. This year is much simpler, with fewer teams:


A total of six teams have qualified for the 2022 Olympics: Japan, the United States, Italy, Mexico, Canada and Australia. This is how they did it:

Japan It is an automatic qualifier as the host country.

United States Won the 2018 Women’s Softball World Championship and qualified for the Olympic Games.

In the 2019 Africa/Europe qualifying, Italy Won, allow them to bid.

— In the 2019 America Qualifying Tournament, Canada with Mexico Appeared and won the right to bid for the Olympic Games.

— In the 2019 Asia/Oceania Qualifying Tournament, Australia Won, give them a chance to participate in the 2022 Olympics.


The softball tournament is fairly simple: each team will play against each other once in a single round robin, for a total of 15 games. The game will be held at two stadiums in Yokohama and Fukushima outside Tokyo.

After these 15 games, the field entered the final stage: in the gold medal battle on July 27, the top two teams competed for the gold medal. In July, the bronze medal battle between the third and fourth-placed teams 27.

Olympic Softball Ranking

The standings work in the same way as a normal baseball or softball season: each team will play against each other once, and the top two teams will advance to the gold medal match. The third and fourth-placed teams landed in the bronze medal match.

TonThe first game of the 2022 Olympic Games will be held on Tuesday, July 20:

local team Games played victory loss for Oppose Run Game back
1 Australia
2 Canada
3 Italy
4 Japan
5 Mexico
6 United States


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