Today is Father’s Day. My mother took a piece of cake from the kitchen and put it in front of my father. “Take a picture,” she said. My family is waiting for me to take out the phone. I test a new phone almost every other week, so they think I am using an amazing device worth $1,000 with 16 cameras and 108 megapixel sensor. But today, their assumptions are wrong. I put the phone in my pocket, but asked my brother if he could use his.

I have been using OnePlus Nord N200 5G Over the past few weeks, a cheap Android phone launched by the company is known for its affordable price (and more and more) Not very affordable) High-end mobile phones. OnePlus’ Current strategy It is an attempt to monopolize the low-end smartphone market with cheaper models that retain some of the sleek and stylish magic of their high-priced options.I really like 300 dollars NORD N10 5G It debuted earlier this year. The new N200 5G saves another US$60, which is only US$240.

It is great to see advanced features such as 90Hz screen refresh rate, 5G connection, large capacity battery and beautiful design in such an affordable mobile phone. Unfortunately, in the few weeks I used it, I found that I took fewer and fewer photos.The camera system is not very good, you might expect something like this Cheap phoneBut, for a company whose slogan is “Never Satisfaction”, you don’t have to be satisfied with lowering costs.

Cheap stimulus

If you rarely open the camera app, there are many things to like here.Despite the plastic construction, N200 5G does not feel It’s like a cheap cell phone. Its narrow bezel fits my palm perfectly, although it is difficult for my thumb to reach certain parts of the 6.49-inch screen. The screen itself has slim bezels and a punch-hole selfie camera, so it looks very modern.

The blue gradient luster on the back of the matte plastic gives it an elegant touch, but you may still want to tap the case-the coating has gathered some strange stains within a few weeks and I can’t seem to remove them. As for water resistance, the Nord N200 has reached the minimum level of IPX2; it can withstand some splashes of water (think light rain), but nothing more.

There is a USB Type-C charging port, a MicroSD card slot for expanding 64 GB of built-in storage space, a headphone jack, an NFC chip for contactless payment, and a reliable fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone. Doubles as a power button. All standard cost features of cheap phones. What really stands out here is the screen.

It is still LCD, so you won’t get the ink black or always-on display provided by the OLED panel, but the screen does have a 90Hz screen refresh rate. Generally, phones in this price range use a 60-Hz panel, which means that the image is refreshed 60 times per second. By increasing the refresh rate to 90, you can now see 90 images per second; everything from scrolling Instagram to playing games feels smoother. The most high-end phones offer 120Hz screens, but the N200 is one of the cheapest phones in the United States, and its specifications are close enough. Even 90 Hz is a big improvement.

Thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G chip, combining this specification upgrade with surprisingly outstanding performance, you will get a mobile phone that can handle most tasks well.Even games like this Otto’s Odyssey with Nails forever Ran very well. In other words, the insignificant RAM (only 4 GB) shows its limitations.you will I often encounter slowdowns. Handling multiple tasks and quickly switching between applications, you will see intermittent animations of the processor on the screen and breathlessness when crawling.This Moto G Stylus 5G I recently tested the same chip, but with 6 GB of RAM, it runs more smoothly (and costs an extra $160).

In addition to the 90Hz screen, it is also very clear and bright outdoors. The second notable highlight is the 5,000 mAh battery. It easily allowed me to spend two full days of average usage time. It’s great not to have to plug in the phone every night.

Then there is 5G, which is not very common in phones under $300. However, there are some caveats. First of all, 5G is only available on T-Mobile’s network, so if you are using AT&T or Verizon, this phone will only use 4G. On T-Mobile, it only supports 5G below 6, which is faster than 4G, but far less than 4G Millimeter wave (mmWave) version of 5G This provides you with extremely fast internet. This is the same for courses at this price, it doesn’t matter, because millimeter waves are almost unavailable in the United States.


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