Only fan creators are It’s messed up—not the way many subscribers are used to seeing it. This week, this adult fan site gained fame last year, and was even named by Beyoncé in Megan Thee Stallion’s Grammy Award-winning “Savage Remix.” Announcing that it will move further away from making it a business within the industry. Demand companies: hardcore pornography.

On the eve of the company’s fifth anniversary and the launch of the new application OFTV, this major shift occurred, apparently in order to become a universal market for creators.

The company said in a statement released on Thursday that from October 1st, it will ban “any content that contains pornography that does not comply with its acceptable use policy.”Details about the ban have not yet been announced, but OnlyFans representatives Indeed confirm As long as the company’s latest guidelines are followed, nudity is allowed. The company said that these changes are partly to appease its “banking partners” and “ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform,” and appear to be in line with its recent efforts to expand its composition. A pool of creators other than sex workers.

After the announcement of OnlyFans, it is unclear whether these guidelines will become stricter as the company’s financial interests develop.A sort of BBC report It was confirmed that the company’s decision to update its guidelines was partly due to Mastercard’s decision to implement new rules for adult content sites that use its payment processing system. Last year, both Mastercard and Visa terminated their relationship with Pornhub.MasterCard new policy The aim is to ensure that adult websites have appropriate control measures to monitor and delete illegal content, but OnlyFans’s move to ban almost all explicit material has made many people worry about the fate of sex workers on the platform.

The whole internet, Surprising announcement encountered a mix cynicism, support, with humorThe creators said they were skeptical of these changes, although they were not surprised. “They used us,” said Xavier Blanc“They used our relationship just to drive us out.” Blanco, 34, lives in New York City, joined the platform in the summer of 2019 and made a living through the site, where he uploaded various gays Pornography. “They fired countless people without caring about their livelihoods.”

In December 2019, when I talked to Dominic Ford, the founder of competitor JustFor.Fans, he predicted such a future. “As with the trend, positive pornography of any kind is slowly disappearing from social media,” he said at the time, pointing to sites like this. Weibo, Craigslist and Patrian Strengthen restrictions on pornographic content.

Still affect The number of OnlyFans-and the sudden change of the site in the course-cannot be underestimated.Since the website was established in 2016, it has slowly ushered in A new field Used for adult entertainment. In an environment that was once hostile and sometimes dangerous for sex workers, OnlyFans has become a profitable alternative to traditional services such as videography, escorts, and studio pornography. Conceptually, the leap that makes OnlyFans feel such a radical leap is how it combines the growing need for personalized pornography with our obsession with influencer culture. In the end, Big Tech followed closely behind. Twitter, YouTube, and other major platforms have since developed tools that allow users to monetize their unique skills.

As a result, OnlyFans became the premier online adult subscription site, attracting users from all corners of the Internet. Today, it has 2 million creators and has earned a total of $3 billion in revenue since its launch. This includes reality TV stars, former professional athletes, celebrity musicians, and social media influencers, all of whom have published adult content of varying degrees. However, most of the creators are still real sex workers-many of them rely on platform revenue to survive.

For 38-year-old non-binary creator Anshuman Iddamsetty, this news is particularly disturbing.They joined the site in September 2019, and Iddamsetty said that OnlyFans’ income “helped me stabilize my life after being fired from my previous technology job.” Iddamsetty, who posted under a pseudonym Wild boar king, Saying that they “didn’t make a lot of money-moderation may be more accurate,” but, “I have a sense of peace in doing what I am good at. Without OnlyFans, this would be impossible.”

Nevertheless, Iddamsetty told me that they expected this to happen, but not so quickly. The impact is deeper than many people realize. They added that the result will severely affect the already marginalized creators, who will not be able to obtain traditional employment channels. “This is disastrous for thousands of surviving sex workers, the vast majority of whom are black, indigenous, brown, queer, mentally ill, disabled, obese, single parents, undocumented And the homeless,” Iddamsetty said. “If this is any other industry, we will report it as an astonishing number of people fired The whole planet. “

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