As part of its electrification drive, Opel will return to the Manta nameplate on all-electric models in the mid-2020s, expanding its range of zero-emission products, the automaker revealed in the video as part of the Stellatis EV Day demonstration.

Opel’s upcoming electric model called Manta e takes the shape of a two-door coupe SUV, replacing the original Manta two-door coupe body with a traditional three-box profile, and is actually closer to Manta GSe ElektroMOD, The original one-off pure electric 147 PS/225 Nm from the 1970s played again-retaining its manual gearbox.

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The brand even set its sights on all-electric motorsports.It uncovered Corsa-e Rally all-electric rally car In 2019, the Opel e-Rally Cup will be the world’s first electric car rally series to be held this year.

In addition to the nine electric models launched this year, Opel’s entire product line will be electrified in some form in 2024; by 2028, it will become a pure electric brand in Europe. Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller said that this reflects this The brand’s commitment to electric mobility. “We are moving towards a future of net zero carbon dioxide emissions, because carbon dioxide is the new currency of our industry,” he said.

Further afield, the brand will re-enter the Chinese market with an all-electric lineup. “We promise that Opel will go global, and we will honor it. China is the world’s largest automotive market, and we believe we will achieve profitable growth there,” Lohscheller said.

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