A new opinion poll related to the Supreme Court’s recent National University Athletic Association’s restrictions on payments to college athletes found that public opinion is divided on whether athletes should be allowed to receive modest remuneration for their name, image, or portrait, or NIL .

This The court ruled that the NCAA must not prohibit the payment of small fees to athletesHowever, a nationally representative survey of 1,000 respondents found that although 60% of the public support college athletes to make money by selling or endorsing products with their own images or portraits, only 26% of the respondents support direct The athlete’s fees are paid from college funds, and 45% of the people oppose it.

PollsReleased on Thursday by the Bucknell Institute for Public Policy, it was found that respondents like universities to allow athletes to share the university’s income from their sports. 47% of respondents agreed with this option, and 29% opposed it.

Public opinion on this issue also has sharp differences along the political line.

“College sports fans and non-sports fans agree to support athletes making money through their images or portraits-62% and 59% respectively-but there are differences in political affiliation. 69% of Democrats and 61% of independents support this. Ideas, while Republicans have 42%,” said a blog post from the Bucknell Institute. “Fans and non-fans are equally opposed to paying college athletes directly from college funds, 43% and 45%, respectively, 61% of Republicans opposed, and Democrats 33%.

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