Soon, Los Angeles shoppers will be able to purchase locally grown organic mushrooms in more than 90 stores. A mushroom growing company called Smallhold is opening a 34,000-foot mushroom business in Los Angeles County.

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It all started with a shipping container under the Williamsburg Bridge five years ago. The Brooklyn-based company went from selling its products in a New York grocery store in 2020 to now on the shelves of about 400 retailers and restaurants. It has farms in Brooklyn, Austin and now Vernon, California, a mile from downtown Los Angeles.

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“Educate and inspire curiosity about mushrooms is an integral part of our mission,” said Smallhold CEO and co-founder Andrew Carter. “We want people to ask where their food comes from, think about their diet, and reconnect with the planet. That means installing our mini farms in unexpected places like the Standard Hotel, or in places like Madison Eleven Park Smallhold mushrooms are available on our menu – while placing locally grown packaged mushrooms in grocery stores across the country. We want people to have multiple touch points and opportunities to taste delicious, high-quality mushrooms.”

These aren’t just the plain old button mushrooms you’ll find in every Safeway. Smallhold grows more exotic varieties such as blue oyster, yellow oyster and lion’s mane. The company builds hyperlocal urban farms to reduce food miles and extend shelf life. The packaging is made entirely of compostable cardboard. Compare your carbon footprint to your average mushroom. Of those consumed in the U.S., 68% are grown and shipped from Pennsylvania. It’s even worse if you’re buying shiitake mushrooms — they’re grown almost exclusively on logs outside the US.

Los Angeles shoppers can find Smallhold shrooms at Frewhon, Lassen’s and Whole Foods. You can also order online through Imperfect Foods or Good Eggs. Smallhold announced that the Mediterranean-inspired restaurant Kismet is its first culinary partner in Los Angeles.

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