A few months ago, Oriflame launched liquid lipsticks in 10 shades. When I saw the name I was almost certain I wouldn’t like them, but they turned out to be very good, I especially like Luscious Taupe, which has become my daily staple.they are most similar to Revlon Kissing Pad (Oriflame’s is a bit richer), except here I get a good shade every day.

formula: These have a soft, plush applicator and a very comfortable formula. It is pleasantly creamy on the lips and feels like a good lip balm. Pigmentation is good but you need a saturated applicator for full opacity otherwise you get more of a stain look which is also great.

fragrance: They have a sweet cocoa/dessert aroma. It only exists in the app.

Staying Power: These are glossy and creamy, so don’t expect them to last long (Oriflame has The One Unlimited Ultra Fix lipsticks that have great staying power), but for a lipstick like this, they’re long-lasting.

Package: These are a twist pen, at first you need to twist it multiple times to get the color. I’m a little concerned about how much is in these pens and how much the sponge will absorb, but it has about the same amount of product as a Revlon air cushion.

sweet taupe

The naming of Luscious Taupe may be a bit wrong as it’s not a brown-grey shade to me, but a lovely natural pinkish-mauve color that matches the Revlon’s Birthday Kit.

Magnetic red

Magnetic Red is a neutral cool red. I prefer to rub it off and treat it as a stain as I don’t have the best glossy red record.

Other shades:

These are 13,90 euros (original price) for Oriflame.

I absolutely love these. A comfortable, well-colored formula, they’re ok for a product like this, and the Luscious Taupe is so pretty. These are really great for dry lips.

Have a nice day!

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