In this article, we’ll cover Origin Protocol. The internet has brought businesses and consumers closer together. It has become easier to buy things online, book houses and take a taxi. These are all examples of online marketplaces where providers of a product or service and interested parties can find each other. Origin Protocol is working on the all-in platform for all imaginable marketplaces.

In this article we therefore tell you about Origin Protocol and the OGN price. We will discuss the Origin Protocol forecast, the OGN coin and tell you the price predictions for the future. What will the Origin Protocol crypto do?

What is Origin Protocol?

Origin Protocol is a peer to peer platform for e-commerce. It provides a marketplace ‘to rule them all’ so to speak. Today we know many different marketplaces where sellers and buyers can find each other.

An example of this is for example AirBnB. People with an extra house or bedroom can offer this space to travelers who need this space for a weekend. The transactions go through this network and everyone can earn from it.

The same goes for Uber, for example. Do you have a car available that is stationary? Then you can use it via the platform to take people from A to B and earn money from it. You no longer need taxi proof.

These are all innovative ideas of a marketplace where people can find each other. However, who benefits the most from it is the platform itself. The ‘handling costs’ are often extremely high.

AirBnB, for example, charges a fee of approximately 10 – 14% from the booker for the booking. Also, the host of the cottage will be charged approximately 3% after a completed booking. This while AirBnB only facilitates the platform and has nothing to do with hospitality.

The product of Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol is working on the platform for online decentralized marketplaces. In theory, any idea can be turned into a marketplace on the Origin Protocol network. For example, you can create a platform on the network itself on which houses can be offered. On which you can arrange taxis or a webshop in which products are offered.

The advantage of a single platform is that costs can be kept low. As a result, the services can be offered more cheaply and the people involved in the transaction have more left over.

Decentralized marketplace with Origin

What does the Origin Protocol rate do?

Origin Protocol emerged from an ICO held in September 2018. It raised over $38 million. One Origin Protocol coin was then sold for $0.1155. The current OGN rate is $ 0.178588.

The first listing on coinmarketcap was early 2020 on January 10. At the time, the value stood at $0.20. The price remained relatively calm until the outbreak of the bull market in 2021. We see the first really large increase in the first quarter.

The Origin Protocol All Time High stands at an amount of $ 3.35 (April 8, 2021). It has now been 501 days. During the ICO, $38 million worth of tokens were sold. The current market cap is $ 89,960,129. This puts the project in place 280 of the largest crypto projects.

Below you can follow the Origin Protocol rate live in euros.

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What is the Origin Protocol Forecast 2022 – 2027?

Marketplaces are in demand. Not only the mentioned examples of some of the largest marketplaces in the world, but also small e-commerce platforms are increasingly present. With the emphasis on decentralization, the Origin Protocol network can therefore be a very interesting project to delve into in any case.

Is the network able to attract users who develop new marketplaces for the general public? Then the growth to multiple marketplaces can be started with this. The Origin Protocol price forecast is therefore positive for the future.

The freedom for everyone to develop their own marketplace on a network that is fast and also relatively cheap compared to current marketplaces makes the Origin Protocol forecast an interesting one to watch out for.

What is the use of the Origin Protocol coin?

Of course nobody knows for sure how the price trend of the OGN coin will be. It’s an interesting project, especially considering the future of e-commerce. Digitization is only increasing and more and more people are therefore looking for a suitable platform to do online trading. The platform and the Origin Protocol crypto are therefore very interesting to meet this need.

The big challenge will be the competition with today’s ecommerce giants. However, does Origin manage to gain a foothold? Then no prediction seems too crazy for the Origin Protocol coin. This is because the token and the marketplace are closely linked.

This also means that as an investor you can already consider buying the token if you are confident in it. The value of your investment can thus grow with the platform itself. For this it is good to look at the current trends and the supply of the token.

Huidige supply 502,655,872 OGN Maximale supply 1,000,000,000 OGN
% difference 24h -3.99% % difference 7D -20.96%

Where to buy OGN?

Have you decided OGN is a good addition to your portfolio and want to buy Origin Protocol? Then you can do this on various exchanges, including that of Bitvavo. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here.

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The latest Origin Protocol news

Hopefully on this page I was able to tell you a little more about the important parts that together should ensure a good Origin Protocol expectation. The use case and competition for the e-commerce market are all important.

The last factor to add to this is the latest Origin Protocol news. By following this closely you know exactly which way the project is going and how active the team is still. A good source of information for this is the Origin Protocol twitter page.