Ottawa police are working to clear the center of the capital three weeks after protests closed the capital.

Ottawa police are asking protesters to “be peaceful and lawful” as they move in to clear protests that have blocked the centre of Canada’s capital for three weeks.

Dozens of police vehicles, including a large black armoured vehicle and possibly 100 police officers, arrived near the Mackenzie King Bridge and Waller Street next to the Ottawa Art Gallery around 8am (1300 GMT) on Friday, where they have been since 1 About 20 vehicles have been parked, blocking roads since late March, Al Jazeera’s Roger Lemoyne said in Ottawa.

“If you don’t leave now, you will be arrested,” the policeman said, knocking on the window. At least four people were arrested.

A black pickup truck driven by a man with a Canadian flag on the back was allowed to leave.

Some cars appear to be empty.

Ottawa Police and Ontario Provincial Police were among the forces transporting people about a kilometer (0.62 miles) from Parliament Hill.

police have arrest two leaders protests on Thursday.They began warning truck drivers in Ottawa on Wednesday that they must leave or face arrest.

The self-styled “Freedom Team” gathered in Ottawa on Jan. 28 to protest coronavirus restrictions and demand an end to them. Trucks blocked streets around Capitol Hill, all alongoccupying several central residential areas.

The movement, organized by far-right activists, has sparked other demonstrations in Canada, including several at the U.S.-Canada border, which disrupted trade for days, Force shutdown Car factories in both countries have been shut down due to shortages of parts.

Protesters on Ambassador Bridge, busiest intersection Clearance on Sundaymore than two dozen people were arrested peacefully, police said.

In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, police detain a man as truck drivers and supporters continue to protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccine [Carlos Osorio/Reuters]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday be called never used emergency powers Suspend certain civil rights so police can move protesters.

Trudeau said the move was entirely in response to the lockdown, saying “these measures will be time-limited, geo-targeted and justified and commensurate with the threat they are intended to address”.

Canada’s House of Commons called off work on Friday following news that police would end the lockdown.

Roger Lemoyne in Ottawa contributed reporting.

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