Ozarks Technical Community College will provide free breakfast to all students starting this fall, regardless of financial needs.

The University of Missouri piloted the “Eagle Breakfast” at its Springfield campus in January 2022, but has now expanded the program to all six campuses. In the spring semester of 2022, 635 students participated in the Eagle Breakfast, including 231 Pell grant recipients and 45 veterans.

The agency found that students who used the program achieved better results in mid-term and final exams. Approximately 89% of Eagle Breakfast participants completed the spring course, compared to 83% of peers who did not participate in the free breakfast plan, and 78% of Eagle Breakfast participants received a C or higher in all courses The percentage of students who did not participate in 73%.

Joan Barrett, the deputy principal in charge of student affairs, said in a statement: “Many of our students wake up before dawn and arrive for class. They don’t have time to eat anything.” Press Releases“If something as simple as a breakfast sandwich and a bottle of juice can help our students succeed, I would say this is a plan worth keeping.”

Ozarks Technical Community College will use the remaining funds from activities cancelled due to the pandemic and federal COVID-19 relief funds to launch a new breakfast product KY3 Report.

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