HubSpot’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) best practices has played a critical role in our success, and we know it’s true for all companies in the HubSpot community. We are also looking to help our clients achieve optimal performance by adopting these practices.

Our commitment to DEI has helped us foster a culture that values ​​the diverse ideas of people with diverse experiences and backgrounds. We’ve invested countless human hours, hired professionals, and sought world-class expertise to identify DEI best practices, implement them, and measure their success.

While there is no finish line to this work, this massive effort supports the trajectory of our company through talent acquisition, employee retention and workplace culture. We recognize that not all companies have the resources to invest equally, but all companies in the HubSpot community can make DEI a sustainable advantage. We asked, should it be easier for companies to identify and adopt DEI best practices and measure their success?

Companies of all sizes face this increasingly common challenge, which is why HubSpot Ventures is pleased to announce our investment and partnership with canarya DEI technology company focused on giving organizations the tools they need to create long-term system change around DEI.

Kanarys leverages HR information system integration and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven assessments to collect the data organizations need to meet DEI challenges.Knowing where to start is important, which is why Kanarys is now partnering with HubSpot to provide HubSpot customers access to its DEI Maturity Test.

This DEI Maturity Test identifies where companies are on their DEI journey and how they can evolve their DEI strategy for long-term success. It analyzes and evaluates best practices for key DEI components such as DEI committees, employee resource groups, unconscious bias training, paid apprenticeship programs, supplier diversity programs, and more.Additionally, HubSpot customers now have access to Kanarys’ comprehensive library of guides and toolkits developed by DEI’s subject matter experts, available here (The invitation code is [email protected]).

Kanarys co-founders Mandy Price, Star Carter and Bennie King all grew up in the Dallas area and attended the University of Texas at Austin, where they became friends, yet 20 years later, the three of them refer to each other as Kanarys of the co-founders after experiencing inequality in the company’s workplace. Guided by data, Kanarys’ co-founders are now on a mission to help companies identify opportunities to avoid common mistakes when implementing and measuring DEI programs.

While many companies achieve diversity through quarterly training or specially organized committees, these initiatives often lack metrics to measure how inclusion and equity are being addressed and how they can truly impact business models. HubSpot takes a detailed, fact-based approach to evaluating the performance of its work.

Kanarys brings together cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to better understand the effectiveness of DEI programs based on employee sentiment, making it easy for all companies to adopt innovative approaches to data notification and the organization’s systems, policies, procedures, and practices.

Rather than react reactively under pressure, Kanarys’ intelligent platform enables companies to spot DEI stumbling blocks and develop proactive strategies to implement them. The opportunity for companies is that they can now retain employees longer, build healthier cultures, develop more innovative products and solutions, and serve customers more empathetically.

Joining Kanarys on its journey to build a fairer workplace is a natural fit for HubSpot. Diversity, inclusion and belonging are important to us and we believe they are essential to helping our communities grow. Using Kanarys, HubSpot customers will be able to quickly launch or evaluate their own DEI programs to identify areas of growth and implement DEI programs that foster growth and innovation.

Learn more about Kanarys hereand HubSpot Ventures here.