Update on June 21, 21: A modified version of the 1994 Supra that appeared in two “Fast and Furious” movies that appeared at Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas auction last weekend, costing $550,000 Sold at a high price. There is no word on whether the “10-second car” will be sold within 10 seconds, but it is clear that on the eve of the release of the 9th Fast and Furious movie later this week, people’s interest is high. Our original story about the auction pre-sale is as follows:

This is your question: you want to see the latest Fast & Furious installment, F9, When it opened on June 25th, you just didn’t know what to do to drive to the theater.Okay, friends and neighbors, get out of the fog NOOOOSSSSSS Here comes the solution: Paul Walker’s Orange 1994 Toyota Supra From the beginning F&F the film!

One of the original movie cars will be in Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas Auction Happened from June 18th to 19th, just before F9 Arrivals.For those who don’t remember 2001 Fast & Furious, This is the orange Supra built from the wreckage by Brian O’Connor (the role of Paul Walker) after his green Eclipse (the one with the 17-speed manual transmission) was unceremoniously detonated. O’Connor later used Supra to compete with Dominique Torreto (Van Diesel). When Torreto turned his charger amazingly, O’Connor gave him the keys to the Toyota car-he owed Torreto The ten-second car-and watching him drive away, ended the film and O’Connor’s law enforcement career.

This car became one of the most well-known cars in the franchise and is likely to be responsible for the unshakable price of Supras in today’s classic period.

According to Barrett-Jackson, the car was used for “multiple interior and exterior shots”-although it is worth noting that the car has a four-speed automatic transmission, although it does look like a stick; given the oval shape Speaking, we guessed that this is an automatic car disguised as a stick. We did see the O’Conner shift in the Supra-Charger race-luckily only once-but the blue shift boots are different from this car. The soundtrack for this movie seems to come from the automatic Supra.

After the first movie, Supra was modified into a Slap Jack car in the second movie, and later restored to its original TFATF configuration: TRD hood, Bomex spoiler, APR “biplane” wing, Dazz Motorsport The wheel hub and Lamborghini orange paint and the side graphics designed by Troy Lee.

Nonetheless, this is a factory turbocharged car with a 320-horsepower 3.0-liter 2JZ-GTE inline six-cylinder engine, so if you decide to pick some Hemi Charger on your way to the theater, you might not embarrass yourself. If new F9 The movie is too bad, you can leave the theater parking lot quickly.Although for the record, you can New super.

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