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Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, with her defeating Hikaru Shida in Double or Nothing, reached the top of the AEW women’s group, won the AEW women’s championship, and became the representative of the “new era” of all elite wrestling.

Shida’s reign as a champion is glorious and unforgettable: she won the belt on Double or Nothing in May 2020, held it for more than a year, and had to sail in an environment without crowds.

Unfortunately for Shida, when the crowd began to return, Dr. Baker was at the peak of her popularity, leading to the loss of her belt in Double or Nothing 2022. Dr. Baker is undeniably one of the best all-around talents in AEW today, and winning the championship is regarded as the true crowning of Dr. Baker.

On the screen, Dr. Baker’s ascent to the top of the wrestling world has always been a major attraction for fans: from Tony Schiavone on the Jericho cruise ship in 2020 to March 2022 in Performing with Thunder Rosa’s superstar in an approved game, this wrestling dentist (or dentist wrestler) alternates wearing scrubs and scrubs on Wednesday nights (occasionally on weekends), undoubtedly winning her as The status of the company’s top female talent-and, as she will tell you, one of the most outstanding wrestlers in AEW today.

In an interview with Sports News before AEW’s “Saturday Night Dynamite” on June 26, Dr. Baker covered everything from the importance of flossing in the morning to the importance of having your own role on Wednesday night.

(Editor’s note: Questions and answers have been edited for length and clarity.)

Sports News (SN): The first sharp question I want to ask you: What aspects of dental health do adults ignore? What do you think is the most overlooked thing that adults don’t know?

Dr. Britt Baker (DB): It can be said that flossing is more important than brushing your teeth, because your gum health is very important-gum health. If your gums go bad, you will lose bone and you will lose your teeth. So everyone thinks they can skip this by using mouthwash and their electric toothbrush and so on-no. You must floss. This is too important.

Numbering: Follow-up: Do you know who is the tenth dentist who does not recommend flossing?

DB: I know, but I swear to keep it secret.

Numbering: Months have passed since your unapproved match against Thunder Rosa. This is one of the best matches of the year, and may even be one of the best women’s matches ever. In your opinion, what impact did this match have on your career, division, and women’s wrestling as a whole?

DB: I think that especially for our department, it brings legitimacy to it, and the map is flashing bright red lights-if this department already exists in some people’s minds. So, for me, being one of them is really special. It’s really awesome and more importantly, being a part of women’s wrestling in today’s society is a power, because we have come a long way and we have the opportunity to play these unapproved matches on Main Event TV. I really appreciate that I can do for (AEW owner) Tony Khan what I did for All Elite Wrestling.

Numbering: I talked to Tony before about your heel rotation and how natural it is to you. They say that the best roles always come from highlighting or exaggerating part of your personality. How does the whole transformation feel for you?

DB: I think it is obvious that I am a more natural heel. Whether you like it or not, this is probably my deep roots. I always—even as a kid—I’m always the kid who asks too many questions, and I’m curious George. I always make so many jokes that I will push a button to drive someone crazy, and I always send out a lot of apologies—”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

But I really like to do heel work because I can say what other people think, but society thinks it is politically incorrect or inappropriate or impolite, but I don’t care. I will say it anyway, which is why I think some people have been supporting me-because they may have something to do with a lot of what I said.

Numbering: Obviously, roles and gimmicks are evolving. For this reason, from your promo with Tony Schiavone on Jericho Cruise to the present, how has your personality changed?

DB: I just become more comfortable and confident. With the fact that you are a bad person, you are a villain, people will think you are a shame, people will think you are ab——. All of this, you have to have it, walk out with your head high, and if they boo you out of the arena, that’s good work. This is not something you should be angry about-you did your job.

Numbering: Obviously, the coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult year. Wrestling is more dependent on the crowd than any other sport. For the AEW womenswear department, how difficult was it to regain this momentum and rebuild the product last year?

DB: The problem is that all wrestling has experienced the same thing, so this is not just an AEW issue, nor is it just an issue for AEW women. We must completely adjust and rethink our brains, “Hey, there is no crowd, there will be no reaction to this move, this promotion, or this line.” You must be able to overcome it because it is not there-it will not be there. There, it does not exist.

Now we have to switch the switch again and realize, “Hey, there are so many people here, we have to admit that the arena is full, the stadium is full.” I keep saying this is very nerve-racking. I’m nervous to be with the fans again, because it’s like you are starting your first date again. You forgot what it was like. So this is really exciting, but like I said, I think we are a little worried.

Numbering: Looking at this discord from a distance, you and Thunder Rosa seem to be the perfect foil to each other. What was it like to work with her and be part of the dispute that helped put women’s wrestling back at the forefront of the company?

DB: I think-not only our roles, but our identities as human beings-naturally complement each other. This is a classic case of Batman needing a clown, and they need each other to make the story go smoothly. This is exactly what you saw in me and Thunder Rosa. The story has not been completed. As long as we are still wrestling, it may not be completed.

Numbering: You have mentioned the “new era” many times and become its spokesperson. What exactly is the new era and how do you plan to implement it?

DB: I don’t think of myself as a female star in AEW, and I don’t think of myself as a spokesperson for the female department — I think of myself as one of the faces of the entire company. I have really worked hard to put myself in that position over the past year; really improve My in-ring skills improve my publicity work. I think I have made myself an undeniable talent, not only in AEW, but in all wrestling.

My goal is to make myself an unmissable segment every time I’m on TV. This will always be my goal-infinity. I think I’m almost there.

Numbering: In more than a month, you will return to your hometown of Pittsburgh. I think the first time AEW was in Pittsburgh, you came out with a horrible towel, this place is crazy. Think about the pop music you get. Does it still make you shudder? Have you ever wondered what it will be like when you go back?

DB: Oh my goodness, yes. This is another thing-I’m nervous because you always want to impress the people you come up with. Pittsburgh is my city and they watched me from the girls wrestling in the bingo hall and high school gym. Grow on the body. That’s where I really want to impress them and make this city proud. But of course, it’s so exciting that you come out and hear deafening pop music.

I would say that when we have our pay-per-view double or none, every game is like this. I think the fans are very excited to get out of the house and return to the arena to watch a live wrestling match. I think we will stay that way for a long time amidst those cheers and those really loud, deafening boos.

Numbering: You and Kurt Angle walk into a bar in Pittsburgh: Who gets more free drinks?

DB: laugh. Who gets more free drinks? Maybe he-ages before being beautiful, right? He is a little older than me.

Numbering: There is a very outspoken part of the fans who are critical of AEW’s women’s department: Maybe they think there are not enough talents, or it has no direction. What do you have to say to those who are too critical of the way AEW handles its women’s department?

DB: This is the quote: “Some people just like to watch the world burn.” Some people will never be satisfied, no matter what we do.

In my game against Thunder Rosa, we put everything there. We participated in the women’s knockout round and we have a lot of expectations. There are many talented women on our roster: myself, Hikaru Shida, Tay Conti, Red Velvet, Jade, Thunder Rosa, Anna Jay. This is no longer something you can ignore. We have improved a lot, and we have launched great content.

So, at some point, you really have to look at yourself in the mirror and say: Do you not like women’s clothing, or do you just don’t want to let yourself like women’s clothing?

Numbering: As a wrestler, what do you think is your biggest advantage?

DB: Confidence. I think it’s important. You see me when I walk through the tunnel, and when I return to the tunnel, I have confidence, and to some extent, I believe everything I say. Wrestling fans in today’s society, they are not stupid. You can’t insult their IQ. If you don’t believe what you are saying or what you are doing, they will not believe it either. So today’s most successful wrestlers have that kind of confidence, that kind of undeniable confidence.

Numbering: Some very interesting things you mentioned: I talked to Jon Moxley In the interview, I said basically the same thing as you said: Today’s wrestling fans are not stupid. They know what happened. Why do ordinary AEW fans stand out to you?

DB: We have Tony Khan. Not only is he a strong executive and CEO, but he is also a wrestling fan deep down. He can stand on the other side, watch wrestling as a fan, and say, “Is this something I like?” And whether this will benefit his company in some way.

I think what makes us special is Tony’s passion for professional wrestling.

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Numbering: As a wrestler, what do you think is your biggest weakness?

DB: Oh, my biggest weakness as a wrestler. Letter broken. My untapped potential. The best is yet to come, I firmly believe that.

Numbering: So when you say that the best is yet to come, can you let fans know about the development they can look forward to this year?

DB: I think this will be one of the most memorable titles in the company’s history. I plan to take this thing around and I hope to travel. I would love to travel abroad and defend the title. I continue to make my promo, my episode, everything. I told Tony, “I hope this title is everywhere”—especially when it connects to me.

Numbering: One year later, on June 25, 2022, where do you see yourself?

DB: A year later, I hope people, if they haven’t, can hear my name, or see my picture, and say, “Oh, Britt Baker-she is the best female wrestler in the world today. “

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