MyEVOC member Faizal Zain sees the DC charger

Good news for Malaysian EV users – more DC fast chargers along the highway coming soon! Seen here is a new 180 kW DC fast charger, branded Energize by Petronas, located at the Petronas station on the eastbound R&R of Gambang on the East Coast Highway.

In March 2022, Petronas announced Energize in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) and EV Connection (EVC). EVC is the company that runs the JomCharge charging app.

JomCharge also currently powers the list of EV chargers in the Setel app, so you can expect to be able to pay for these Energize by Petronas chargers through the Setel app too.

When Petronas launched the Energize brand, we were told the network would start with five chargers – one near Ipoh, two for the southern region and two for the east coast. The chargers will be installed at strategic locations along the North-South Expressway (NSE) and East Coast Expressway (ECE). It looks like this charger is one of the ECE chargers.

The 180 kW charger looks like it’s in the middle of two car parks, so we’re guessing it will be a 2 x 90 kW configuration, like the initial configuration at Shell Recharge’s Tangkak station. It will join the existing ChargEV 22 kW AC charger.

Shell Recharge has since reconfigured the Tangkak DC charger to 1 x 180 kW instead of 2 x 90 kW, presumably to allow Porsche Taycans to charge at higher speeds, as the station was launched in partnership with Porsche.