Peyton Manning is known as one of the most interesting players in the NFL. On Sunday night, he did not let him down in his dedicated speech at the Professional Football Hall of Fame, because he cheered some of the great men of the NFL at important moments.

Manning began his speech by calling on the NFL to decide to limit the time for the candidates to speak. Manning paid special attention to Ray Lewis, who gave his 2018 Hall of Fame speech lasting half an hour.

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Manning said: “The 2022 entry class is grateful to the previous incumbents. They gave a lengthy acceptance speech, forcing us to have 6 minutes to review our football career.” “I want to especially thank my old opponent Lei Lewis is here tonight. Ray just finished the speech he started in 2018.”

The joke caused a roar of laughter from the audience. Tom Brady, who attended the sacrificial ceremony in Canton, Ohio, was also Manning’s chirp.

“Speaking of opponents, my good friend Tom Brady is here tonight,” Manning said. A boo rained down on Brady. “By 2035, when Tom Brady is selected in his first year of qualification, he will only have time to post his acceptance speech on his Instagram account.”

These quips are the perfect way for Manning to start a speech. After that, he became a lot more serious.

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When it came to what his family meant to him, Manning choked. He mentioned his mother Olivia; brothers Cooper and Eli, wife Ashley and children Marshall and Mosley. But his main concern is his relationship with his father Archie.

Peyton Manning said: “Football has created a place for my favorite quarterback, my hero, my role model, and my father Archie Manning to pass on what he likes to me.” “No. People are more willing or more suitable than you to welcome me on stage.”

Archie is the host of Peyton and joined him on stage before the speech, showing a bust of the young Manning who will remain in the Hall of Fame forever.

Peyton Manning thanked that moment. He also expressed his gratitude for the opportunities that football has provided him, and hopes that everyone will have these opportunities. He said he will work hard to “train the game” and ensure that the NFL can continue to flourish for a long time to come.

Manning said: “In the past few years, football has been challenged by a surge in sports and entertainment options, security issues, outbreaks of social justice issues, and a global pandemic.” As our stadiums were closed, fans were turned away. , “Displaced fans” has a whole new meaning. Of course we should not go away now.

“When we leave this stage tonight, it’s no longer about ourselves. It’s about cultivating so many games for us. It’s about cultivating football so that it can be used for another day, another year, ten years, and another generation. Live and thrive.”

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