The collection is sure to change as the venue changes. In “City of Brotherly Love,” the Sixers brought their superstar back on the court and won two games to tie the series back in South Beach.

The question now is whether they can maintain that momentum down the road. James Harden is definitely a more efficient player, and Joel Embiid is back on the floor. I think we expected that, but there’s been some old-school Harden in the last few games.

Speaking of returning from injury, Kyle Lowry returned to the game in Games 3 and 4. Unfortunately, the veteran guard didn’t give them much, and I’m not sure how much he’ll improve you in Miami this is his first year with the Heat.

Miami’s Jimmy Butler was the best player on the field for most of the series. He lost the game that night and scored 40 points. So far, he’s been doing better in Philadelphia than the series in Miami. Maybe he has some extra motivation.

Game information

Philadelphia 76ers (2-2) vs. Miami Heat (2-2)
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
7:30 PM ET
FTX Arena, Miami, FL.

betting odds

Spread: 76ers +3 (-110), Heat -3 (-110)
Total: 209.5
Profit line: 76ers +130, Heat -155

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If you’re looking for Embiid’s real impact, all you have to do is look at this thread. Miami was -8 and -7.5 in the first two games, and now they’re -3 home (Lowry is back).

Sure, his presence would make a difference, but he wasn’t at his peak. At the very least, he unlocks Harden more than we’ve seen in the first two games in Miami.

Things should get even tighter for Philly’s top players as the series returns to Miami. Miami wants to do it on both ends, a style that’s easier to execute in your home court.

Although Embiid is usually the biggest player on the floor, he prefers to play like a wing, and Miami will indulge him while making sure he “feels” when he takes risks in the paint. He tends to get a head start, hoping things will be easy (I don’t think that will be the case on Tuesday night).

The series is fun as it switches back and forth between very low-scoring games and more modest ones.

That means we should have an intense game on South Beach on Tuesday night. It’s a game that could benefit the home team, with Butler being one of the best physical wings in the league and Bam Adebayo a player who wants to be both physically fit and athletic .

The key for Miami is to get at least one of their shooters back on track. Duncan Robinson’s DNP has become a meme, and players like Max Strus, Lowry, and recently named Sixth Man of the Year Tyler Herro aren’t playing as much from beyond the arc as they did during the season.

As long as the Heat have a shooter coming forward, they should be able to win at home and run screens to regain control of the series. It might not be pretty, but Miami got the results, and it’s a good value for that number.