Earlier Tuesday, after the Taliban had cleared thousands of people eager to flee from the runway at the airport in the capital Kabul, the military flight to evacuate diplomats and civilians from Afghanistan resumed early on Tuesday.

A Western security official at the facility told Reuters that the number of civilians at the airport had decreased. A day ago, the US army opened fire to disperse the crowd, and people tightly grasped a US military transport plane taxiing to take off. .

“The runway at Kabul International Airport is open. I saw planes landing and taking off,” NATO civilian representative Stefano Pontekovo said on Twitter.

A diplomat at the airport said that by the afternoon, at least 12 military flights had taken off.

According to an agreement reached last year, the Taliban agreed not to attack foreign troops when they leave.

On Sunday, the US military took over the airport, which was the only way for them to fly out of the country, as Taliban militants took over the capital without fighting, ending a week of dramatic development across the country.

Witnesses said that flights were suspended for most of Monday and at least five people were killed at that time, but it is unclear whether they were shot or crushed in the stampede.


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