Taste Efforts are being made to make its platform more inclusive and easy to use; in 2018, it launched a feature that allows users to filter makeup searches by skin color (this feature has been gradually expanding since then). Pinterest AR try-on function With the increase of new product types and colors, the platform continued to grow in July Ban all advertisements related to weight loss Feed from it.Now, Pinterest is launching a project called hairstyle.

Starting on August 18, Pinners will be able to narrow the search for hairstyles, hairstyles, and hair colors based on specific hair textures or types. More specifically, Pinners can filter any hair-related searches by the following “modes”: protective, frizzy, frizzy, wavy, straight hair, and shaved/bald.

For example, you may be searching for “cute short hair”, but it is difficult to find such an example in your exact hair texture right away. You only need to click on the filter that best matches your hair type to see a Pin chart that is more suitable for you. This function uses the same type of technology as its skin tone filter function.


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